Guinness World Records : Philippines gets world's largest Ten Commandments

A building-sized edifice carved with the Bible's Ten Commandments was unveiled Wednesday in the Philippines, making it the largest tablet of its kind, according to Guinness World Records.

The world's largest tablet of the ten commandments supposedly handed down by God to Moses on Mount Sinai was inaugurated by city officials on a hill overlooking the northern Philippines resort city of Baguio.

A local religious group, donated the imposing 152.90 square meter (1,650 square foot) tablet to the city as they were presented a certificate from Guinness World Records. "This beautiful and divine edifice will serve to drive away the evils of spirits that time and again emerge," said Baguio Congressman Bernardo Vergara at the inauguration.

"May it drive away evils of illegal drugs, gambling, prostitution."

The religious leader who sponsored the project, Grace Galindez-Gupana, topped her previous world record, attained in 2009 when she built a similar 65-square-metre tablet on a hill outside Manila.

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