December 21, 2011

My New Addicting Friend - BonChon Chicken!

This holidays , I spend time for our shopping for the Christmas, with my family.  One  Saturday night we were in Trinoma Mall Quezon City. Mall crowded, but that’s really holidays shopping and Christmas gifts and many more things are the main functions of all. Not was done with everything we want to do and wish to have, but feel hungry. That time I want to eat dinner, we walk around and look for something new. All restaurants , fast food  and  coffee shops , all are full!

We saw this new,  Bonchon Chicken. Ambiance is nice for a fast food. There were lots of people dining in and we need to be wait to be seated.

But after few minutes, we had our place. We grab a simple and easy to serve to us, a pack of medium chicken wings 12 pieces and rice. And wow! Chicken are yummy! And we have Ice tea.

The chicken is super crispy and not greasy and delicious.

BonChon  has addicting chicken, crispy, light, with hot juicy meat flavored with your choice of soy garlic or the hot and spicy glaze.

I think It’s the original highly-addicting formula that keeps people coming back for more. They’re affordable. 

I read their menu fliers , "Best Chicken in America," "The original Korean fried chicken secret." 

We'll definitely be back next time to try more offerings. 

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