December 22, 2011

New Year's Eve (2011) movie

"New Year's Eve" celebrates love, hope, forgiveness, second chances and fresh starts, in different stories  and promises of New York City on the most enjoyable night of the year.

It is the  romantic comedy film directed by Garry Marshall.  It depicts a series of holiday vignettes of the state of several romances.The lives of several couples and singles intertwine over the course of New Year's Eve.

Ingrid (Michelle Pfeiffer) plays a secretary who realizes she's got a lot of unresolved New Year's resolutions. Time to make a list, check it twice and get cracking. Fortunately it's the handsome (and much younger) Paul (Zac Efron) to the rescue. 

Directed by         Garry Marshall
Produced by       Mike Karz, Wayne Allan Rice, Garry Marshall
Written by          Katherine Fugate


Halle Berry
Jessica Biel
Jon Bon Jovi
Abigail Breslin
Chris "Ludacris" Bridges
Robert De Niro
Josh Duhamel
Zac Efron
Héctor Elizondo
Katherine Heigl
Ashton Kutcher
Seth Meyers
Lea Michele
Sarah Jessica Parker
Michelle Pfeiffer
Til Schweiger
Hilary Swank
Sofía Vergara

Here are my favorite quotations from the movie.

It only happens once a year: New Year's Eve. It's a time when hopeless can be romantic, and a resolution can become a revelation. And when one night can change everything.

Hailey: I want to go to Times Square tonight.
Kim: That's highly doubtful.
Hailey: You know I'm fifteen mom! This is not a training bra!
Kim: And this is not girls gone wild!

Randy: New Year's is the worst night of all to go out. People who don't drink or party all year suddenly going all Kanye on you...

Ingrid: My New Year's resolutions: If you can make these come true by midnight, you get these...

Tess: My water just broke!
Griffin: All of it?

Jensen: You look beautiful
Laura: I've been splotting that slap for years. It wasn't nearly as satisfying as I thought it would be. That was closer.

Claire: This is the biggest night of my career and if I screw this up...
Brendan: You won't.

Stan Harris: Nothing beats New York on New Year's Eve.

Grandpa Jed: So you went out for a slice of pizza, right? And you may have just run into the one. You know what that is?
Sam: Insanity?
Grandpa Jed: Serendipity. You don't mess with serendipity.

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