January 5, 2012

Korean Channels Promote “Koreanovelas” to the Filipinos

Korea Communications Commission has recently hosted the Korea Content 2011 at the Marriott Hotel, Resorts World Manila, which was attended by fellow bloggers as well (December 15, 2011). This exclusive event showcased the most prominent and major broadcasting in Korea, like KBS, KBS Media, MBC, CJE & M, Arirang TV (I remember back in 2006, watching English movies from the Arirang TV through Sky Cable)and YTN, in order to market and share their channel's local programs, of which they are confident will become another big hit not only here in the Philippines but from all throughout Asia as well. 

These major broadcasting companies came together in this event to introduce to the Filipino audience their unique steady of soap stream and the introduction of the Korean 3D contents technology (which I got to try for myself and it was awesome!). This will be made possible by CJ Power Cast Inc., a digital broadcasting services company that introduced Harmony, HaeUnDae, Secret and Speed Scandal –popular 3D movies in Korea. 

I think there’s not a Filipino who loved a Korean soap, and fell in love with its characters. And I am sure, just as my bestfriend is a fan, some of us have identified with each emotions these actors and actresses expressed.

“We are proud to showcase our country’s culture, traditions, and interesting history. Generally, Korean dramas dwell on positive universal theme of love, quiet sacrifice, romance, with a touch of comedy which makes the story feel good and interesting to watch. Not to mention, most people will agree that Korean actors are very good looking”, shares by an Arirang channel representative.

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