February 1, 2012

Myrus in one of his Mall Tours

I know that happiness is always with me, what goes on around me in my life...and it goes around wherever I go! In one of my mall walks I accidentally, unexpectedly meet my friends. It's almost one year not meeting friends, close friends and work mates. One Saturday afternoon in a mall in Manila I just hear someone hosting in an event, a familiar voice. Seeing my friend Chris in the stage introducing Myrus Apacible, my friend whom I used to call "anak", he used calling me "Nay." This is Myrus, the Sentimental Prince of Philippine Music, in one of his Mall Tours.

Myrus, who was discovered through a social networking site. Born to a musically inclined family, Myrus is conquering the music scene with his gift of singing and entertaining people. Always exploring different music genres, he has developed his own style and mesmerizes his audience through his dancing and enticing rhythms.

He has made a mark in the music scene with the help of his mega hit single "sayang," It is a revival of Claire dela Fuente's hit song three decades ago.

His previous album "Love Cycle" and its repackaged version are Certified Gold Records by Sony Music. He is also a dedicated advocate of Original Pilipino Music (OPM) and is the project head of the “Tunog Natin” all-OPM concert series.

He is promoting the Tunog Natin "Songs From Home" compilation album and his carrier single, "Pusong Lito." He performed OPM songs beautifully. He sang "Sayang, Tell me Your Name, Kanlungan, Closer You and I, Forevermore, and his Pusong Lito.

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