January 18, 2012

“We Bought A Zoo"

We Bought A Zoo Poster

“We Bought A Zoo” is set in Southern California, a father moves his young family to the countryside to renovate and re-open a struggling zoo. We Bought a Zoo tells the story of Benjamin Mee and his family who just moved into a dilapidated zoo. They took on the challenge of preparing the zoo for its reopening to the public.
Matt Damon plays Benjamin Mee, a widower who buys a rundown zoo with 200 exotic animals, hoping for a fresh start with his two children.   Benjamin takes his children to the place where he met their mother, telling them it was the point in both their lives where they became a "possibility". He takes them through the encounter that day and they begin to imagine their mother there with them. The plot essentially follows the path of a courageous family and tells the story of the incredible risk they take that transforms their lives.   While Matt Damon’s Benjamin Mee forms a close friendship with the rest of the zoo keeping personnel, a strong bond also develops between Elle Fanning,  Lily,  country girl and Dylan Mee (Colin Ford), a city boy adjusting to country life.

“We Bought A Zoo” is directed by Cameron Crowe (Jerry Maguire and Almost Famous) and will be shown in theaters starting January 18 under 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.
  We Bought A Zoo


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