Katy Perry Dyes Her Hair Another Crazy Color, Again!

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Blacks are more than just boring black, some have highlights of blue or purple. But dying your hair to blue, purple and reds are bold and vibrant and will really make you stand out in a crowd. 

Katy Perry when it comes to her hair color, she always makes her way through the rainbow! She has gone from black to pink to blonde to blue, again! 

"Somehow in the middle of all this,I found time to change my hair color... finally..." she twittered.

Here are some of the best excitingly gorgeous Katy Perry's coloured hairstyle.
Katy looks so pretty with gorgeous medium curls-blonde color hair.

Katy Perry has received much attention for her blue hair!

 So pretty mesmerizing in blue hairstyle.

Exciting with pink/lavender hair color!

She looks elegant with a mix of blue and pink.

Katy Perry looks gorgeously with  blonde pink hair 

Katy Perry looks pretty with her  shorter and  dyed the hair into golden color.

Katy Perry looks stunning with long and dark hair.

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Anonymous said...

She and Lady Gaga are in the same league. Not shocking at all.


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