May 25, 2012

Big Ideas Big Moves at the Big Shift Creative Centrale

BIG SHIFT CREATIV CENTRALE is the newest creative studio opened in Makati City. BIG SHIFT CREATIV CENTRALE, a multimedia and entertainment company. 

Big shift offered the full package of Entertainment tutorials managed and teaches by known artists and personalities in entertainment business -  Total Communications & Marketing, Creative Hub & Digital Production, Dance Studios & Kinetic Arts and Music Recording & Rehearsal Studios.

I attended the awesome party of launching of Big Shift. With my friends, we walked thru the Big Shift Studios, Inc. 500sqm facilities comprised of dance studios, music recording and rehearsal studios, video production and editing.

Big Shift is a top Asian Brand in Global Multimedia and entertainment forefront breaks through… Big Ideas… Big Moves!

Dance and Kinetic arts Studios
Group dance classes with recitals and One-on-One Tutorials
Kinetic and Martial Arts Classes
Instructional dance videos
Dance concert production
Studio rentals for corporate and Private functions

Music Recording and Rehearsal Studios
Soundtrack recording and editing
Music recording  and editing
Indie album production
Song demo CD production
Voice lessons and classes on Instrumental Music

Total Communication and Marketing
Graphic Design
Online Branding and Marketing
Sales promotion
Direct marketing
Customer loyalty programs
Special projects and events
Market research

Creative Hub and Digital Production
Motion graphics
Flash animation
Computer graphics
Video production

Make big moves , let loose and have fun to the dance floor, step up and workout to help you dance your way to firm abs and a fit body, and have music jam full of fun, excitement and creativity.

To all music and dance enthusiasts, for more information check out Big Shift Creativ Centrale
and visit their Facebook page.

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