May 1, 2012

Mike Chan Rocks the Ramp at Tiendesitas

Mike Chan, rock balladeer just launched his self titled second full length solo album under Heroes Records and Star Records last  night April 28, 2012 at Tiendesitas in Pasig City.

The album contains songs composed by Mike entitled "Don't Go" ( carrier single) , She’s the One, Ngayon ang Panahon, Heroes, Moon in A Day, Unforgettable and Leave Me Alone.

Mike believes that this album could be his breakthrough work as a solo artist. Mike hopes that his listeners will understand the real message behind this album. “This is not just about the songs in the disc. It’s about the passion and determination that went into the making and the production of these songs. It’s about believing in yourself and knowing that you are responsible for your own success or failure in life. It’s about creating your own luck and never giving up.”
Jason Fernandez ( formerly of Rivermaya)
With special guests Jason Fernandez ( formerly of Rivermaya), Tricia Garcia, Gary Ignacio (formerly of Alamid), FMD Combo, Kursonada, I-Ray, Flicker Fusion, Ariel Heights and other Heroes artists.

Mike Chan the album is presented by My Phone, DJM Music, Shimmian Surgicenter Manila, Eventus Advertising, Game Club and Epipes. Buyers of the new Mike’s CD always get special discounts on My Phone units. Fans and audience have been treated to promos in where they would get a chance to win phones, gift certificates, CDs DJM acoustic guitars, and other cool prizes!

I enjoy watching Mike’s performance, love listening to his songs and luckily I won a DJM acoustic guitar in the raffle given at the end of the show!
Photo Courtesy of Orange Magazine Tv

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