July 31, 2012

8th Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival Awards 2012

The winners of the 2012 Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival were announced July 29, at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.
Mes de Guzman‘s “Diablo” and Lawrence Fajardo‘s “Posas” won Best Film in the New Breed and Director’s Showcase categories, respectively
In the  Director's Showcase category, a prize called Best Ensemble given to the lead actresses of Mga Mumunting Lihim -  Judy Ann Santos, Iza Calzado, Agot Isidro, and Janice de Belen.

Here is the complete list of winners for the 8th edition of Cinemalaya:

Director's Showcase:

Audience Choice - Bwakaw
Best Screenplay - Mga Mumunting Lihim
Best Sound - Kalayaan
Best Original Musical Score - Kamera Obskura
Best Editing - Mga Mumunting Lihim
Best Production Design - Kalayaan
Best Cinematography - Kalayaan
Best Supporting Actor - Art Acuña (Posas)
Best Ensemble - Judy Ann Santos, Agot Isidro, Iza Calzado, Janice de Belen (Mga Mumunting Lihim)
Best Actor - Eddie Garcia (Bwakaw)
Special Jury Prize - Kamera Obskura
NETPAC Awardee - Bwakaw
Best Director - Raymond Red (Kamera Obskura)
Best Film - Posas

New Breed:

Audience Choice - Ang Nawawala
Best Screenplay - Requieme
Best Sound - Aparisyon
Best Original Musical Score - Ang Nawawala
Best Editing - The Animals
Best Production Design - Intoy Syokoy ng Kalye Marino
Best Cinematography - Diablo
Best Supporting Actor - Joross Gamboa (Intoy Syokoy ng Kalye Marino)
Best Supporting Actress - Anita Linda (Sta. Nina)
Best Actor - Kristoffer King (Oros)
Best Actress - Ama Quiambao (Diablo)
Special Jury Prize - Requieme
NETPAC Awardee - Diablo
Best Director - Mes De Guzman (Diablo)
Best Film - Diablo

Short Features:

Audience Choice - Ruweda
Best Screenplay - Ang Paghihintay sa Bulong
Special Jury Prize - Manenaya
Best Director - Sheron Dayoc (As He Sleeps)
Best Short Film - Victor

The awards night marks the end of the 10-day film festival that showcased 25 films: 10 films competing at the New Breed category, 10 short films and five Director's Showcase category entries.

The ten films that competed in the New Breed full length feature category:

Aparisyon by Vincent Sandoval
Ang Katiwala by Aloy Adlawan
Ang Nawawala by Marietta "Marie" Jamora
Mga Dayo by Julius Sotomayor Cena
Diablo by Mes de Guzman
Intoy Syokoy ng Kalye Marino by Lemuel Lorca
Oros by Paul Sta. Ana
REquieme! by Loy Arcenas
Santa Niña by Emmanuel Quindo Palo
The Animals by Gino  Santos

Five films in the Director's Showcase:

Bwakaw by Jun Robles Lana
Kalayaan (Wildlife) by Adolfo Alix Jr.
Mga Mumunting Lihim (Those Little Secrets) by Jose Javier Reyes
Posas (Shackled) by Lawrence Fajardo
Kamera Obskura by Raymond Red.

The short films selected this year were:
Ang Paghihintay sa Bulong by Sigrid Andrea Bernardo
As He Sleeps by Sheron Dayoc
Balintuna by Emmanuel Escalona Jr.
Bohe Sons of the Waves by Nadjoua Bansil
Manenaya by Richard Legaspi
Pasahero by Mario Celada
Ruweda by Hannah Espia
Sarong Aldaw by Marianito Dio Jr.
Ulian (Senility) by Chuck Gutierrez
Victor by Jarell Serencio.

Fourth Google Doodle for Olympic Game London 2012 - ‘Fencing’

This is the Fourth Doodle for the London 2012 Summer Olympics.
Olympic Doodle No. 4 presents "Fencing" (July 30th, 2012). Fencing has been contested at every Summer Olympic Games since the birth of the modern Olympic movement 1896. This year started 105 men and 107 women in 10 events. More about Fencing at the Olympic Games in London

Fencing competitions at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London are happening from 28 July to 5 August at ExCeL Exhibition Centre. Ten events (6 individual, 4 team) are scheduled to be contested. The International Fencing Federation (FIE) pushed for the inclusion of two more team events, but the IOC voted to keep the current format of ten events.

Although sword fighting dates back thousands of years, Fencing as we now understand it really came of age as a sport in the 19th century. A tense, compelling battle of wits and technique, the sport is one of the few to have featured at every modern Olympic Games.

Fencing has been contested at every Summer Olympic Games since the birth of the modern Olympic movement at the 1896 Summer Olympics in Athens. Women’s foil made its Olympic debut in Paris, during the 1924 Olympic Games. There are three forms of Olympicfencing:

• Foil – a light thrusting weapon; the valid target is restricted to the torso; double touches are not allowed.
• Épée – a heavy thrusting weapon; the valid target area covers the entire body; double touches are allowed.
• Sabre – a light cutting and thrusting weapon; the valid target area includes almost everything above the waist (excluding the back of the head and the hands); double touches are not allowed.

Fencing takes place on a piste, 14 metres long and between 1.5m and 2m wide. All 10 medal events on the Fencing programme are run in a knockout format.

Fencing is a fast, tense sport. Fencers must use all their wits and quick thinking to out manoeuvre their opponent, judging the right time and the most effective way to attack.

Lee Min Ho is the newest BENCH (Philippines) endorser!

It's Official! Lee Min Ho is the newest BENCH (Philippines) endorser!

Popular Korean actor Lee Min-ho is newest endorser of Philippine clothing brand.
Lee Min-ho is the third Korean celebrity to endorse Bench. Bench enlisted Super Junior members Siwon and Donghae as Bench endorsers last March.

Lee Min-ho is one of the most popular stars in Korea. He is best known for his role as Gun Jun-pyo in the hit Korean drama "Boys Over Flowers," "Personal Taste" and "City Hunter." He is set to star in the new drama "Faith," which will start airing in Korea in August.

"Korean Novelas is the latest addition to our @benchtm family!"

"Happy to introduce another Korean Superstar to our @benchtm family! Let's all welcome @ActorLeeMinHo!!!! #LeeMinHo4Bench," according to a tweet by Bench.

He now joins Bench’s growing list of international endorsers who include “The Hunger Games” star Liam Hemsworth,  Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars), Filipino-American singer Bruno Mars, Michael Trevino (The Vampire Diaries), Disney star Joe Jonas, David Archuleta and Korea’s Super Junior members Siwon and Donghae, among others.

July 29, 2012

London 2012 Diving Google Doodle

London 2012 Diving Google Doodle is on n 29th July, 2012. It is the second day of sport competition after the London Opening Ceremony.

Google is focusing the world’s attention on London 2012 diving.. Guiding Google users to the important sporting events of the day at the Olympics and also providing the opportunity to learn more about each of the sporting events taking place at the London 2012 Olympics.

We have Google doodle everyday for the rest of the Olympics! 

Diving was first introduced in the official program of the Summer Olympic Games at the 1904 Games of St. Louis and has been an Olympic sport since. It was known as “fancy diving” for the acrobatic stunts performed by divers during the dive (such as somersaults and twists).

London 2012 Diving Schedule

If you want to watch the London 2012 diving acts here is a schedule of the London 2012 Diving times and dates.
London 2012 Diving – DateLondon 2012 Diving – EventTime
July 29, 2012Women’s Synchronized   3m Springboard – London 2012 Diving15:00
July 30, 2012Men’s Synchronized   10m Platform – London 2012 Diving15:00
July 31, 2012Women’s Synchronized   10m Platform – London 2012 Diving15:00
August 1, 2012Men’s Synchronized 3m Springboard – London 2012 Diving15:00
August 3, 2012Women’s 3m Springboard – London 2012 Diving14:30
August 4, 2012Women’s 3m Springboard – London 2012 Diving14:30
August 5, 2012Women’s 3m Springboard – London 2012 Diving19:00
August 6, 2012Men’s 3m Springboard – London 2012 Diving19:00
August 7, 2012Men’s 3m Springboard – London 2012 Diving19:00
August 8, 2012Women’s 10m Platform – London 2012 Diving19:00
August 9, 2012Women’s 10m Platform – London 2012 Diving19:00
August 10, 2012Men’s 10m Platform – London 2012 Diving19:00
August 11, 2012Men’s 10m Platform – London 2012 Diving20:30

London 2012

For more information relating to the 2012 Olympics we recommend that you visit the official London 2012 pages. These pages have detailed and quality information about 2012 Olympics and athletes participating in the Olympics 2012.

July 28, 2012

SM Toonfest Brings Well-Loved Characters to K-Pop Fashion

Country's leading department store introduces K-Pop style into this season's toon fashion collection.

Staying on the cutting edge of children's fashion, SM Department Store injects the electrifying excitement of K-Pop fashion into its character apparel. Glitzy, glam, funky and spunky looks highlighted by bright colors and bold patterns showcase the new collections, giving favorites like Garfield, Mickey Mouse, Snoopy and Barbie newfound sartorial energy. 
This season's SM Toon Fest exclusive lines combine all-original licensed character apparel with Korean style dynamics to elevate kids' fashion choices - while keeping things colorful and fun!
"Kids today are a lot more conscious of what's ‘in’ and get fashion ideas from their idols", states Ms. Jo Dy Juanco, VP for Children's Fashion, "These days, they draw inspiration from K-Pop stars and want to dress just like them." 
Available in stores nationwide, SM Toon Fest carries trendy apparel emblazoned with the familiar faces and logos of favorite characters. Hello Kitty, Robby Rabbit, Winnie the Pooh, and Marvel Superheroes like Spider-Man are just a few of the licensed characters represented by the line. Old favorites like the Disney Princesses, Disney Fairies, and the Sesame Street gang also have their own quirky-yet-stylish collections.

Girls will enjoy SM Toon Fest’s wide range of choices, from Winnie the Pooh’s colorful 70’s disco party girl polka dots and stripes, to Betty Boop’s posh, classic pieces with modern tweaks. 

Boys, on the other hand, can dazzle with a combination of preppy and urban street clothing elements from Garfield, Cars, and Snoopy. Kids are going to have a blast mixing and matching ensemble pieces to create their own signature K-Pop-inspired looks with the help of their favorite toons!

To showcase the new collections, SM Toon Fest is holding a search for its K-Pop Rising Star. The song, dance, and lip-synch competition invites boys, girls and groups aged 2-14 to let their inner superstars out for a shot at the spotlight and the Php100,000 grand prize! 

For more details on the contest, kids and parents can visit www.risingstars.asia/smtoonfest/ and www.facebook.com/smkidsfashion.

Check out more SM Kids' latest toon collection / fashion photos on Enjoying Wonderful World Facebook

Meteor shower on July 28 to 31, Stargazers !

Astronomy enthusiasts can watch out for meteor shower visible by end of the month.
Meteor Shower: Bootides
The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration said that the another meteor shower will be visible in the country from July 28 to 31.

PAGASA informed us that the estimated peak date will be before midnight and onward on July 29.

According to PAGASA administrator Nathaniel Servando the showers are part of a complex of radiants in Aquarius, Capricornus and Piscis Austrinus, all of which combine with sporadic and early Perseid activity to provide a nice display of meteors.

“The stream normally produces about five to 10 meteors per hour, with overall activity of about 15 meteors per hour under good sky conditions,” he said.


July 27, 2012

Olympics Opening Ceremony London 2012 Google Doodle

On July 27  the world's biggest sporting extravaganza will officially begin in London and Google is also going to the games with its London 2012 Opening Ceremony doodle. The doodle shows five athletes on the track holding the letters of the Google logo.
The Olympic disciplines depicted on the Google Olympics opening ceremony doodle are football, swimming, running/jumping, javelin throw, fencing and basketball.

The 2012 Summer Olympic Games is the 30th modern Olympic Games and it will continue from July 27, 2012 to August 12, 2012, although group stages in women's football began on July 25.
Over 10,500 athletes from 204 countries are expected to participate in 302 events in 26 sports. With the 2012 games London becomes the first city to host the modern Olympic Games thrice. The British capital had previously hosted the event in 1908 and 1948. The Indian contingent to London 2012 is a 142-member strong, comprising 81 athletes and 36 coaches. India is taking part in 13 disciplines.


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