BuCor Iron Bar Chef Showdown Grandfinals

The Bureau of Corrections or BuCor, mandated to carry out institutional rehabilitation programs for the inmates.Their rehabilitation effort is to provide the basic needs of inmate as human being. The other steps in the rehabilitation process are the provision of work programs, health care, education and skills training, recreation and sports, religious guidance and behavior modification using the therapeutic community approach.

As envisioned, the BuCor is now being a modern, secured and professional correction institution which is characterized by a more responsive prison system that is geared towards the humane and spiritually guided rehabilitation of inmates, for their re-integration into the mainstream of society.

Gladly and luckily we witnessed one of the activities inside the Bucor Maximum Security Compound, a very lively Iron Bar Chef Showdown. I have witnessed the one cooking challenge last June 16 held at the Medium Security Compound. And last June 30, we were there to witnessed the grand finals of the cooking showdown, held at the Maximum compound.

Six groups compete, three from the Medium Compound and three from the Maximum Compound. They were named Team Sarap, Team Namit, Team Yum-Yum, Team Lolong Pogi, Team Planet and Team Uban.

They were given 60 minutes to the challenge to  create the dishes , an appetizer, the main dish and dessert. Each dish will be judged according to it’s taste, nutritional value and over-all creativity.

There were seven judges and one of them is Chef Gene Del Prado, an executive sous chef of Makati-Shangrila Plaza Hotel.  Prizes stake are P15,000 for the first place, P10,000 for the second place and P5,000 for the third place.

The event definitely served its purpose (and exceeded expectations) The Iron Bar Chef  Challenge was a great fun and we were given the chance to taste their masterpiece, the food was very delicious.

So all in all, a wonderful day. I hope to another tour in the near future, as I would like to delve into this more.

This is one great part of the Bureau of Correctional Director Gaudencio Pangilinan's rehabilitation program. As BuCor  offers a variety of inmate work programs and this is one great re-shaping an individual’s behavior and attitudes through the inmates’ community working together to help themselves and each other, restoring self confidence, and preparing them for their re-integration into their families and friends as productive members of the community.

The winner, Team Uban

The Judges
The Paraiso Band with entertainment part of the program
The friendly and talented host

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Iron Bar Chef Cooking Showdown

BuCor Band During Iron Bar Chef Cooking Showdown


Derp Derpson said...

Wow, I never thought awesome activities like these happened inside BuCor. How did you get invited? I hope I also have the chance to witness such events.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.


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