July 16, 2012

King Comic Dolphy's Inspiring Quotes and Songs

SMILE! Dolphy  still want us all to smile up to his last breath. His son Eric , told us that Dolphy would appreciate it if you smile when you think of him, and to smile at someone to make his day brighter too. To quote his favorite song...... “ YOU’LL FIND THAT LIFE IS STILL WORTHWHILE, IF YOU JUST SMILE.” ~ Charlie Chaplin

The Philippines' King of Comedy, Dolphy 'aka Rodolfo Vera Quizon Sr', 83 years old, passed away Tuesday, July 10, due to multiple organ failure, secondary to complications brought about by severe pneumonia, 

Every Filipinos all around the world are mourning after our beloved ‘King of Comedy‘  passed away. Everytime that I watch everything happening in his last days, I cry, I always think all the happiness he gave the people through his entertainment world. 

The King of Comedy starred in more than 200 films in his 66-year career, starting with a 1946 movie at 19 years old with Fernando Poe Sr, "Dugo at Bayan 1 (I Remember Bataan)."The '80s generation would remember him as John Puruntong of "John en Marsha," the most successful local comedy series in the history of Philippine TV.  Dolphy reigned as the country’s King Comic for many decades. 

You're in heaven now Dolphy, a happier place , with God and the angels are happy, laughing with you! God bless you always !  May you rest in peace.

The video features Dolphy during the vocal recording for his version of Louie Armstrong’s famous plaintive ballad. The song is one of the tracks in “Handog ni Pidol”, a realization of Dolphy’s longtime dream  to record a solo album.

*I'll do again and add more photos of Dolphy's quotes. Promise!


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