September 13, 2012

Google doodles German Musician and Composer Clara Schumann's 193rd birthday

Google posted a new doodle on its homepage to  mark the 193rd birth anniversary of Clara Schumann, the German musician and composer,  Clara Schumann (Clara Josephine Wieck; 13 September 1819 – 20 May 1896) was a German musician and composer, considered one of the most distinguished pianists of the Romantic era.
She exerted her influence over a 61-year concert career, changing the format and repertoire of the piano recital and the tastes of the listening public. She’s married to the composer Robert Schumann.
The doodle features Clara Schumann playing the piano, with her eight children clinging to her, thereby replacing the two O's and the second G of the Google logo. The colours of the doodle are in sync with Google's official logo colours - blue, red, yellow and green.

Here's the Clara Schumann Google doodle.

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Unknown said...

Nice Article and video..Clara Wieck-Schumann is known for being the wife of composer Robert Schumann, but she is also a famous musician. Read more about her.


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