September 19, 2012

It's time to MOVE ! MeralcO Virtual Engine

The MeralcO Virtual Engine is an App that lets you access Six (6) Meralco Apps on your smart mobiles and tablets.
Six (6) Meralco services namely Meralco Office Directory, Power Maintenance Schedule, Appliance Calculator, E-meralco Bill, Bayad Center Directory lastly Meralco Bright Ideas.

The Meralco Office Directory App
Where is the nearest Meralco Office?  This App provides a complete list of Meralco business center, auxilliary, extension and payment offices and their contact information including mailing address, telephone number and facsimile number. Maps are also available to help us easily locate Meralco offices.
How to use the Meralco Office Directory:
1. Tap on Meralco Office Directory icon.
2. Tap on the city or provinceto check all meralco offices in that area
3. Tap on the Meralco office to view the map. Internet connection is required to view the static map.  Finding the nearest business center is just a tap away and all locations come with a nice detailed map so you won’t get lost.

Bayad Center Directory App
Where can we pay our bill?  Paying bills is no longer a hassle even if you are on the go.  All you do is to MOVE! 
The Bayad Center Directory has a complete list of CIS Bayad Center branches that accept Meralco bill payments. Easily contact and locate accredited payment centers through the contact information and location maps provided.
How to use the Bayad Center Directory:
1. Tap on the Bayad Center Directory icon.
2. Type keywords for the location you want to check.
3. All Bayad Center branches that match the keywords will be displayed along with the complete contact information.
4. Tap on the branch to view the static map.

E Meralco Bill App

How to get details of your last two Meralco bills anytime, anywhere? Information provided includes kwh consumption, bill amount, breakdown of charges, payment status, Meralco reference number and ATM reference number. Creation of an E-Bill account is required.
How to use the E-Meralco Bill
1. Enter your E-bill username and password and tap on the login button.
2. Tap on the service identification number you want to inquire about. Details of your current bill will be displayed.
3. Tap on the Previous Bill button to view details of your previous bill.

Appliance Calculator App
How much electricity would a certain appliance consume?  Meralco Appliance Calculator estimates the consumption cost of common home appliances based on Meralco residential electricity rates, which are updated monthy.  You might have seen those ATM type machines inside Meralco Business Centers , now you can have the estimates you want anytime and anywhere on your mobiles. Results may vary from the actual consumption reflected on the our Meralco bill.

How to use the Meralco Appliance Calculator:
1. Tap on the Meralco AppCal icon.
2. Tap the Monthly bill amount field to enter your average monthly electric bill (ex. 3000)
3. Tap on the Classicafication field to select an appliance category (ex. General Appliances, Aircon, etc.)
4. Tap on the Type field to select specific appliance (ex Aircon 1.0 HP)
5. Tap on the No. of Hours Used field to select how many hours per day you use the appliance you selected.
6. Tap on the No. of Days Used field to select how many days per week you use the appliance you selected.
7. Tap on the No. of Weeks Used field to select how many weeks per month you use the appliance you selected.
8. Tap on the Calculate button to see the estimated operating cost of your appliance per Hour, Day, Week and Month.

Power Maintenance Schedule App
This app provides information on scheduled power interruptions due to maintenance activities.  If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to scroll and scan the Meralco FB page for power maintenance schedules just tap on the App and you’ll be updated. Know the schedule of power interruptions so you can your activities accordingly.

How to use the Power Maintenance Schedule
1. Tap on the Power Maintenance Schedule icon.
2. Tap on the buttons at the bottom of the screen to view the schedule by:
a. Service Identification Number
b. City
c. Date
3. Select an option to view the start date, start time, end date, end time, city, coverage, reasons for power interruption and other details.
4. Tap on the All button to view PDF showing the whole schedule for the week

Bright Ideas App

You can become smarter in using electricity. Check this App for loads of facts and tips. Bright Ideas provides energy efficiency and safety tips and updates on Meralco promos and service offerings.

How to use the the Bright Ideas App
1. Tap on the Bright ideas icon.
2. Tap on the room you want to explore.
3. Tap on the appliances to get techniques in choosing energy efficient appliances and ways on how to efficiently operate your appliances.
4. For new tips, tap on the Update Tips button. Also watch out for promos, discounts, and other special offerings from Meralco.
The MeralcO Virtual Engine (MOVE) is available on the App Store for your apple devices, on Google Play for your Windows and Android mobiles/tabs and on BlackBerry App World on your BlackBerry phones and Playbook.

For more details visit Meralco website at or follow @meralco for real time assistance via twitter.

On Google Play:

MOVE for Android Phones
MOVE for Android Tablets
On iTunes:

MOVE for iPhone
MOVE for iPad

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