October 27, 2012

Eden Pays Tribute to the Real Santa Claus: Mom

It’s not midnight but it is still dark when Mom begins her Christmas tasks. She decorates the tree, braves crowded tiangges for presents, and cooks the Noche Buena spread. She may not wear a red suit but Filipinos know that it’s Moms who really make Christmas happen. For their special roles during Christmas, Eden Cheese wants to give moms the thanks they deserve.
For the past thirty years, Eden Cheese has been the ally of moms in making Christmas dishes more special. Indeed, no Christmas table is complete without the creamy ulam and panghimagas made delicious by Eden.
A Favorite of Filipinos. Only Eden has that creamy and delicious taste that enhances moms’ familiar Christmas dishes and makes them even more special. Ordinary spaghetti comes alive with the cheesiness and linamnam from Eden.  Puto is made irresistible with a generous slice of cheese, mechado is more memorable and fruit salad more interesting with Eden! 
As a permanent fixture during the Holidays, Eden knows that there’s one special person who really pulls the season together. The brand’s Christmas campaign is therefore aimed towards thanking, paying tribute and helping Moms do their roles this season.
Eden Sarap ng Pasko: Dahil sa Iyo, Ma. The campaign tagline best summarizes what Eden wants to give moms. It starts with the heart-warming Eden TV commercial that illustrates the many things Moms go through, all to make family celebrations more memorable. It ends aptly with the line, “Para sa lahat ng paskong pinagsisikapan mo, salamat ma.”

These days, we share stories not by the fire or by reading from books. We tell them through video and sharing on the internet. Eden wanted to perpetuate the Filipino tradition of sharing stories through a video competition among college students. The video that will be decided as most inspiring and will able to capture a heart warming story of how Moms make Christmas special will be unveiled on the brand’s webpage www.sarapngpasko.com this coming November.     

Christmas Gifts from Eden: A Promo and Recipes. Everyone is either a mom or has a mom, so Eden is presenting the opportunity to give praise to all moms via its site. Watch out for a special application on the brand’s site to let you share how your own Mom makes Christmas special. Just by sharing, you can be part of an upcoming promo to win amazing prizes.

Moms and everyone else can also add fresh and exciting touches to Noche Buena by watching special Eden recipes featured on TV. Eden will partner with cooking shows MasterChef Pinoy Edition on ABS-CBN and Chef Boy Logro: Kusina Master on GMA for viewers to see Eden in action and learn how to cook familiar dishes made special by the brand. So you can create your own Merry Christmas! 
Daily recipe tips, sharing sessions and inspiring moments with Moms are also available, just by visiting www.sarapngpasko.com.

This Christmas, join Eden in making moms feel special for the many things they do to make our holidays more memorable. Eden Sarap ng Pasko: Dahil sa Iyo, Ma!

  1. What does Eden stand for?

Eden Cheese stands for making family moments more special. Eden does this by enhancing moms’ dishes and making them more delicious. The brand aims to help moms in their role as the “makers” of Christmas. When there’s special and delicious food, mom gets to create that special family bonding, which is a sight that is especially dear to her.

  1. Why does Eden want to make Christmas special?

Christmas is one of the most anticipated holidays for Filipinos. With its long heritage of making Filipino lives more delicious since 1981, Eden wants to help make this most awaited season more memorable for moms and their families.

  1. What is the purpose of Eden’s Christmas Campaign?

Eden makes dishes, and especially Christmas Noche Buena dishes more delicious with its creamy taste. Apart from making the celebrations more malinamnam, Eden wants to give recognition to the people who cook the dishes and who really make Christmas happen: Moms. Through our initiatives for TV and digital media, we aim to give thanks to moms for the roles they play in making Christmas more special for everyone.

  1. Who is the Eden mom?

The Eden mom is a nurturing mom. She is all about family enjoyment. That is why many of her activities revolve around her family. She always wants to make sure her family is well taken care of. And when it comes to food, she is no different. In fact, she finds food preparation highly important as she considers this an expression of her love.

  1. What is Eden Sarap ng Pasko?
Eden Sarap ng Pasko is the brand’s traditional Christmas campaign. Year on year, Eden engages its consumers and makes their Christmas experience more special through campaigns that are especially relevant and that celebrate the season of giving.

This year, the brand gives recognition to the key person behind every Christmas. This has always been the most anticipated time of the year and no one takes extra effort to make this festive and worth spending with the family than moms. As a brand that understands Moms, Eden knows just how important it is to make every Christmas special for the family. From wrapping gifts to decorating the entire house, to cooking; it’s mom who does everything.

To show appreciation, Eden would like to acknowledge and celebrate the efforts of every Mom in making her family’s Christmas memorable through her dishes. 

Hence, our campaign Eden Sarap ng Pasko: Dahil Sa Iyo, Ma.

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