November 18, 2012

Chef Marvin Agustin renews partnership with KNORR Philippines

Well known celebrity actor, director, restaurateur and chef, recently named Young Entrepreneur of the Year,  Marvin Agustin, renews partnership with KNORR Philippines as its celebrity Chef Endorser.      

Chef Marvin Agustin, become a fixture in the local food arena,  continue to be sources of inspiration to Filipino families, especially the moms. With this partnership of two of the respected names in the food industry, expect only a continuous enriching of the Filipino family’s dining experience via a host of new projects, products, and recipes.
According to Chef Marvin, the values - Passion, Innovation, and the heart for good food are the things that bind him and Knorr. 

“It’s nice to promote something that you’ve been already using for a long time, inspired by the teachings of my mom, cooked and served well from the heart.” 

“Good food brings good friends and family together, so having Knorr by your side, is already an assurance that you have an ally in the kitchen, which I consider the heart of every home.”

Chef Marvin considers his mom Maria Teresa as his inspiration in everything he does, including being a chef. In fact, his soon-to-be-opened and first Filipino family restaurant Maria Teresa is a loving tribute to his mom.

“The kitchen has bonded me and my mom in unexpected ways, and I am thankful that Knorr has given me this chance to share a part of myself to every mother in the country,” says the accomplished restaurateur-chef-actor. 

“Together with Knorr, we will provide modern-day Filipino families with dishes that respond to their needs, while making their cooking experience fulfilling, pleasurable and enriching.”
There are a number of restaurants owned by Chef Marvin, some are  Sumo Sam, Marcianos, John and Yoko, Mr. Kurosawa,Kung Fu Kitchen,  Komrad, Johnny Chow, and Tokyo Grill. And there are soon to be  launch Gambino at Burgos Circle and and his mom's restaurant Maria Teresa. 
Thanks Knorr Philippines and Medianation Inc. for giving us the opportunity to meet the accomplished restaurateur-chef-celebrity actor Marvin and his being a part of the Knorr family, Marvin will create dishes that highlight how Knorr products:
(Sinigang Sa Sampaloc Original Mix, Knorr Cubes, and Ginataang Gulay Mix) can help Filipino mothers create the best dishes for their families. 

You can also visit Chef Marvin newest website:

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