November 29, 2012

The restored version of the multi-awarded Filipino classic “Oro, Plata, Mata” by Peque Gallaga open 2012 Cinema One Originals Film Festival

It was a pleasure and honor to witnessed the restored version of Filipino classic 1982 multi awarded film "Oro, Plata, Mata" by Peque Gallaga and Jose Javier Reyes as this year’s opening of Cinema One Originals Film Festival at the Robinsons Galleria Movie World, November 28.

The film was set in the Philippine province of Negros during World War II,  about how a rich family copes with the war and how the people change amidst violence and death. It tells the story of a family who is scared to be involved in the war and decided to go to the woods but as the longer they stay there the nearer they get to danger.

"Oro, Plata, Mata" means Gold, Silver and Death.

The screenplay of the 1982 film was written by Jose Javier Reyes with cinematography by acclaimed cinematographer Rody Lacap. 
The film cast includes Cherie Gil, Sandy Andolong, Ronnie Lazaro, Joel Torre, Liza Lorena,   Manny Ojeda, Fides Cuyugan-Asencio, Mitch Valdes, Lorli Villanueva, Abbo dela Cruz, Kuh Ledesma as "Diwata", Manny Castaneda, and Mary Walter. It won the 1982 Gawad Urian awards for Best picture, direction, cinematography, production design, musical score, and sound. In the same year, it won the Luna Awards of the Film Academy of the Philippines for Production Design and for Best Supporting Actress (Liza Lorena).
“The script, by Jose Javier Reyes, is so thematically dense that a single interpretation is probably insufficient to discuss what the movie is really about. One could say, at the very least, that the film is about irrevocable change, how one can never really go back to happier times, once you’ve been touched by war. It’s about inevitable decay: gold, silver, death. It’s about the country, and how we’ve come to this point,” wrote Philbert Ortiz Dy in a review.

“Oro, Plata, Mata has much to offer you. It’s the kind of film that gives you more and more to chew on the more you watch it. It’s an almost frighteningly rich film experience, one that shouldn’t be missed by any Filipino film devotee,” he added.
This marks the first showing of the restored version of the film. The restoration was made possible through a partnership between ABS-CBN Film Archives headed by Leo Katigbak and Central Digital Lab, Inc. It is the second film restored after Ishmael Bernal’s “Himala” in time for its 30th anniversary.
“Oro, Plata, Mata” is considered as Gallaga’s most significant contribution to Philippine cinema. This is the timeless classic at the opening of the 8th Cinema One Originals this November 28 (Wednesday) at the Robinson’s Galleria Movie World. The festival's opening event started at 6:00 p.m.
The 2012 Cinema One Originals Festival will run from November 28 to December 9 at Robinson’s Galleria Movie World and from November 29 to December 4 at the Edsa Shangri-La Cineplex. The festival’s much awaited awards night will be held on December 3 at the Studio 1, ABS-CBN Main Building.

The 2012 Cinema One Originals Festival is an annual project of the Cinema One, the local movie channel on cable, owned and operated by Creative Programs, Inc (CPI).
With Jose Javier Reyes and Peque Gallaga
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