January 11, 2013

Opo Pinoy Style by Mikey Bustos Video

Fil-Canadian comedian Mikey Bustos has made a parody out of the dance craze Gangnam Style, inserting Filipino culture into the tune of Korean song by PSY.

Opo Pinoy Style‘ celebrates Pinoy quirkiness in a humorous manner, features the combination of the original horse-dancing moves with the Philippines’ folk dance Tinikling. This video shows calesa,  jeepneys, balut, Luneta (Rizal Park) , Quirino Grandstand, and surprise appearance of Paula Salvosa known more as the girl in the viral Amalayer video. I'm glad seeing walkdance of my friend, celebrity photographer Allan Sancon. 

The new Opo Pinoy Style  have 847,704 hits in 6 days. 

Opo Pinoy Style (Filipino Oppa Gangnam Style Parody)

Opo Pinoy Style Lyrics

(written by Mikey Bustos)
Opo Pinoy style, Pinoy style
When I come around you know it’s gunna be a party,
Cuz I come from a land that’s more fun than the other countries,
Where we ace our exam with flying colours cuz we studied,
and there’s nobody else that can cook better than our mommies
Yeah it’s hotter here,
And that is why my skin is brown
and you’ll find water here
to wash my bum after I’m done raiding my
Cuz' I proud that I’m pinoy I shout it everywhere, and tattooed it here
A baby duck still, inside the egg shell,
It tastes good
It’s called balut
I eat my ulam, rice and sawsawan
with my hands, i close open,
you have two godparents I have ten…
Opo Pinoy style! Pinoy style. Op-op-op-op-op opo Pinoy Style…. Pinoy style. Op-op-op-op-op opo Pinoy Style….
A pinay lady
stays where it’s shadey!
My name is Mikey Bustos, your one and only Pinoyboy,
I’m pointing with my lips, cuz hands are busy eating penoy,
Blessing to the elderly I mano po to Lola,
but now my forehead smells like ginger cuz she cooked tinola
During summer yeah it is super scortching hot,
and the rest of the year, yes it is still so scortching hot,
but really I don’t care,
Cuz I just use my split type air con, I can peepee here
almost anywhere
Cuz I do OK in videoke, magaling in tinikling,
Yes I am gwapo, haba ng hair mo, as I court you
That’s how we doBeautiful eyes will get to you!
Opo Pinoy style! Pinoy style. Op-op-op-op-op opo Pinoy Style…. Pinoy style. Op-op-op-op-op opo Pinoy Style….
Eh Tita Baby op-op-op-op-op Opo Pinoy style
Eh we’re related op-op-op-op-op Opo Pinoy style
I wear barong, while eating chicharron
Just watch us take over the world with a plastic balloon
And I’m on my cell phone, texting in jejemon,
And I am BV during brown out cuz there’s no aircon, bat ganun, Opo Pinoystyle
Long live Filipinos op-op-op-op-op Opo Pinoy style
Mabuhay ang pilipino op-op-op-op-op Opo Pinoy style
I’m just returning the favour!

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