March 1, 2013

Beat the Heat , Cool Down this Summer With Air Asia Café’s Refreshing Shakes

Summer is definitely here. Thinking of summer fun, swimming, sunbathing, sunscreen, summer clothing, hats, sunglasses, shades and resfreshments, and more ! Even the rain has turned into drizzles. Notice also the ambulant vendors selling ripe mangoes and the students crammin for final school projects, thesis and exams. The salons are also swamped with girls prepping for prom.  Notice how the sun is more irritating to your skin than in past weeks?

We can beat the heat with refreshing drinks. I always try mix seasonal fruits with juices to make refreshing drinks to enjoy during the long hot summer days. For summer, experts have advised that we drink more liquids than usual to fight the heat and to stay cool. 

An even better way to keep cool this summer is Air Asia Café’s refreshing drinks. They have fruit shakes made from green mango, dalandan and guyabano.

Air Asia Café’s delicious Dalandan Shake is made from real fruit

They also have a delicious green tea with lychee. You can really taste the lychee. It’s a great mix of tea and fruit.

A glass refreshing Green Tea with Lychee

If you’re craving for a snack, then you can get one of the sweet buns. These come in three authentic tasting variants: Korean Chicken Barbecue, Chicken Teriyaki and Beef Bulgogi.

One of three great tasting sweet buns: Beef Bulgogi

An ice cold shake and a sweet bun – the best combination for a cool summer. What makes this really cool is that you can now buy a shake with a sweet bun at a special price offering.

If travelling through Diosdado Macapagal International Airport (Clark), then pass by the Air asia Cafe right outside the Arrival Exit and keep cool this summer with a fruit shake or green tea with lychee. Starting March 1, 2013, these summer coolers come with a sweet bun of your choice (Korean Chicken Barbecue, Chicken Teriyaki or Beef Bulgogi).

You can’t miss it, and you shouldn’t miss it!

Air Asia Café is operated by the Manila Catering Corporation. (

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