February 7, 2013

Yeng Constantino 's Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis , a transformation by a magic,  change in appearance, character, condition, or function. This amazing transformation in our life is a great lesson,  for anyone to learn and it is not only a lesson that involves an ever-changing , but it is one that we can apply to ourselves as well.

They say that the only permanent thing is this world is change, and this rings true in the case of Star Magic’s Yeng Constantino.
Just like in each of her four previous certified hit albums, Yeng made sure that she has something new to offer with her latest album, aptly titled “Metamorphosis”.

Metamorphosis is the first word that came to Yeng’s mind when Star Records asked her for a title for her fifth music record.

Metamorphosis, which literally means transformation or “pagbabago”, appropriately describes Yeng, her music and her life.

Being the experimental type, Yeng has also been dynamic when it comes to her looks. She has long since shed off her simple getup and she now sports a bolder and a more stylish image suitable for the Pop-Rock Princess. Even her new hair color reflects her love for reinvention.

Favorite Female Artist of MYX Music Awards 2012, Yeng showcases how passionate she is with her music. It took her two years before completing the self-composed album, not because she had a hard time writing the songs but because she had to juggle writing the songs and doing shows here and abroad. In 2011, Yeng was grateful to Star Records that they allowed her to do “Yeng Versions Live!”, her fourth album that composed of previous OPM hits that she sang live. More so, this gave her more time to write new songs for her succeeding music album.

In “Metamorphosis”, the talented singer-songwriter’s carrier single, “B.A.B.A.Y.”, which is a sad song, is a big contrast to its upbeat and lively melody.

Another original track in the album, “Chinito”, was written by her friend, Jed Dumawal, which Yeng immediately fell in love with after she heard it online. Yeng didn’t pass up the chance and asked Jed to allow her to sing the song for her album.

Yeng has come a long way since she became the first-ever Pinoy Dream Academy Grand Star Dreamer way back in 2006. In the years that followed, she has consistently shown passion for her music and eventually succeeded in carving a niche in the music industry as a talented singer and a song-writer.

Yeng embraces change and sees every moment as an opportunity to make her life better, and which she continues to transform without regrets.

Other original tracks in “Metamorphosis” include:

“Hahanapin Kita”
 “Pasensya Na”
 “Di Pa Huli”

Currently no. 1 on MYX daily Top 10, MYX Hit Chart and MYX Pinoy Countdown, “Metamorphosis” is produced by Raymond Marasigan under Star Records, and is now available in your favorite music stores. Also available online @ www.mymusicstore.com.ph and iTunes.

Watch out ASAP 18 on Sunday February 10, this great songwriter 2012 PMPC’s Female Rock of Artists of the Year, Yeng will launch her 5th newest album.

Meanwhile, Yeng is a regular of ABS-CBN’s ASAP 18 and ambassador of RRJ clothing apparel. She was chosen to be one of the interpreters of Himig Handog’s Pinoy Pop Songs of Love, Alaala composed by Fe Tianga, Melvin Huwervana and Joel Jabot Jr.  Aside from a long list of her out of town and abroad shows, she is also set to perform at the Academy of Rock in Singapore this year.

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Unknown said...

Filipinos really proud of her. She is a good artist as well as a good singer.

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