Discovering The Puzzle Mansion in Tagaytay City

Tagaytay City is one of the country's most popular tourist destinations because of outstanding scenery and cooler climate provided by its high altitude. It has a lot more to offer to local and foreign tourists.
Spending your weekend or holiday in Tagaytay with family, love ones, friends and colleagues, you're sure to have fun, find a peaceful and relaxing haven away from the rush of the big city.

The Puzzle Mansion is highly recommended as one of the places to see in Tagaytay.

This is a great area for everyone to enjoy. Nestled between hills of grass, trees and wild flowers, Puzzle Mansion is the home of Gina Gil-Lacuna, the recipient of the award, Guinness Book of World Records title “Largest Collection of Jigsaw Puzzle of Any Shape and Form.”
As the main attraction of the mansion is the mueum filled with many great and beautiful puzzles. She has now a total of 1,028 puzzles in different sizes, colors, themes and dimensions , she also has 3D and 4D puzzles. There are wood, cardboard or plastic, flat, and spherical. They are in various genres ranging from people, places, nature scenes, historical events, famous buildings and tourist spots, religious figures, fictional, animals and well known celebrities and cartoon characters. Even corporate ads and reproductions of famous paintings by famous arts masters like Van Gogh, Michaelangelo and Da Vinci.
A retired businesswoman, Ms. Gina is so passionate about puzzles. She shared with us some insights on her collections and some of the paintings and memorabilia.

"It was just a hobby at first. It takes away my stress," she said. “I started collecting and solving jigsaw puzzles at age 35 and has been pursuing my hobby for 26 years now.”

“I started doing puzzles when I got to Hong Kong and solved a 5000-piece Disney set for my son, Gino. “Every puzzle I learn, and while I travel I search new puzzles to piece together,” she added.

Thanks Ms. Gina Gil Lacuna for being so kind and accommodated us last Saturday March 23. We really enjoyed our visit. She’s so bubbly as we have great nice conversation. She want to make her visitors enjoy not only the puzzles in the gallery but the scenery and feel their second home.

Congratulations Ms. Gina and more puzzles to come.

Aside from Ms. Gina's jigsaw puzzle collection museum, the Puzzle Mansion also has the 11-room bed and breakfast amenities such as a swimming pool, a 400-square-meter function room and a 24-hour café.

Puzzle Mansion is located at Purok 4, Cuadra St., Barangay Asisan, Tagaytay City, Philippines. 

A nominal entrance fee of P100 for a guided tour of the museum. For inquiries or reservations, call (02) 661-0019 or 0905-2250229 or send an e-mail to or visit

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