March 16, 2013

'Habemus papem': Bergoglio takes name Pope Francis I as the new Pope

"Let us begin this journey together; it is a friendship of love, trust and faith between us, let us pray for always for one another, for the whole world because - let us have a big brotherhood." 

- - - Pope Francis I

'Habemus papem': Bergoglio takes name Pope Francis I as the new Pope from Argentina. Pope Francis I, the former Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, is a priest of holinesss and tremendous modesty of manner – a man who, until now, has taken the bus to work.

His challenge is clear. He needs to learn from Benedict XVI's greatest success – and his greatest failure. The success was the restoration of reverent, mystical worship to the centre of Catholic life, an achievement that has inspired a dynamic generation of young Catholics. The failure was Benedict's inability to reform the corrupt structures of the Roman curia, which should be recognised as the rotten core of the abuse crisis. 

The historic decision to choose a Pope from the New World will perhaps make that task easier. Almost his first words as Pope were that he is “from far away”.

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