March 20, 2013

The greatest transformation happens first within oneself

I'm just a simple person who enjoys living life to the fullest! 

I love reading great books and unselfishly shares and communicates what I learn. 

I just want to share whatever that gets into my mind, my thoughts, about God, poems, quotes, music, songs, movies, entertainment. My dreams about love , life, people. My lifestyle, fashion, health, nature , travel , festivals, world news and events! 

I always inspired when I read status and many sharings of  Mr. Tato Malay. Here's one of them. 


Knowledge of oneself is the most important thing a Kamalayan Learner has to learn. Transformation can only happen through an understanding of how the mind, body and spirit work together in one’s life. One focuses on developing himself to be the best he can be. Without understanding oneself, how can one change himself? 

The inner self controls everything outside. Man attracts everything according to his consciousness. The consciousness of a person is the inner self, which man has to develop. The power that moves the world is within. Our world is created through our imagination, feelings and thoughts. Where are our thoughts focused on most of the time? If we dwell always on negative thinking, we will move toward the direction of that negative thought and will manifest in the outside world negative manifestations. 

What influences our thoughts? Basically our habits. What brought about our habits? Our programming. What brought about our programming? Our beliefs.
The personality of a person is the outward manifestation of his programming, beliefs, habits and behavior. Attitude is a result of how one thinks of himself and his views about life. This is an area in one’s life of which many are not able to take control. They think this comes about in their lives while they are unaware of what is happening in their minds because they think they do not have a choice. They just accept things as they come and are not able to discern at the moment whether to accept or reject then in their system. As a result, they are imprisoned by their habits and programming.

To change programming, one has to change one’s beliefs. For change to occur, a new belief has to set in. The old belief has to let go. Letting go is very hard to do especially when one has lived with it for so long that it has already become a habit. Consciously thinking oftentimes of what has to change and supplanting it with something new is the key to transformation. The greatest transformation happens first within oneself. 

- Tato Malay, I AM Kamalayan Movement
Tato Malay takes passionate interest in what it means to be a human being. He believe that one’s level of consciousness is the power that creates one’s reality.

I AM KAMALAYAN movement is where people are challenged, empowered & inspired to change belief systems to face a new reality, unmet potentials and opportunities ushering in a new consciousness toward oneness.

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