We really need a range that compliments our lifestyle and one that will prepare delicious meals.

Fujidenzo ranges provide convenient features and efficiency that will make cooking a real pleasure.

Consumers are offered a wide array of choices in today’s marketplace. Understanding the different range styles, colors and cooking features that are available. 

The newest models of ranges come with lots of features: 
     -   Energy Efficiency ( Double glass oven door, precision burner holes)
     -  Safety Convenience ( Full electric ignition, spill guard)
     -   Practical Hygienic (stainless steel cooktop, splashback feature)
   - custom-color painted oven door(s) and storage drawer combined with stainless steel cooktop and   console, depending on the model.

The Fujidenzo ranges made in Europe are with High Grade stainless steel. These are available 2 years warranty on parts in 100 service centers nationwide. Available in 50 cm, 60 cm and 90 cm