August 5, 2013

Grow Your Retail Business! Visit Stores Asia this Wednesday and Thursday!

Expo Showcase
See different suppliers that will help you START and GROW your RETAIL BUSINESS:
POS hardware and software                                    Barcode suppliers
Fire security                                                                 E-Commerce
Security and automation                                           Projectors
Lamination and printing                                           Commercial/real estate developers
In-store radio                                                              Large format printing
Uniform manufacturing                                             HR solutions
Anti-shoplifting systems                                           CCTV monitors
Above-the-line and below-the-line advertising               Logistics
Retail management consultancy                            Supply chain solutions
Electronic security services                                      Non-traditional advertising
Printing                                                                         Telecommunications
Billboard locations                                                     Character/trademark licensing, franchising and dealerships                                                                 IT solutions                                                            
Shopping bags                                                           Lighting systems                                                      
Retail solutions                                                          Web developer                                                          
Store fixtures, shop fittings                                       RFID systems                                                        
Label printers                                                             Accounting and financial systems
Financial services                                                     Store designers and contractors
Mannequin suppliers                                                Shopping cart/trolley suppliers
Refrigeration systems                                              Storage and distribution                                      
Loyalty program suppliers                                       Digital marketing, LED and mobile advertising  
Mobile solution providers                                         CRM and many more!
IP Converge partners with Stores Asia
IP Converge Data Services, Inc.,  a PLDT subsidiary partners with Stores Asia as one of the thought leaders that will share their expertise for FREE.

IP Converge will discuss the topic: Cloud Computing 101. Mr. Nino Valmonte, Marketing Director will resource speaker. Their seminar schedule is on 3:30pm-4:00pm, Aug. 7, 2013. You may also visit them at booth number 49.

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