August 12, 2013

Silent Sanctuary's new album “MONODRAMATIC” transcend emotions of love, loss and everything in between

Silent Sanctuary is a 5-member Filipino band have entered the OPM (Original Pilipino Music) scene in 2006 with their songs “Rebound”, “Ikaw Lamang”, “Summer Song”, “Kundiman”, and “Ingat ka”. From this band that gave you these hit songs comes their 4th studio album “MONODRAMATIC”.
Released by Ivory Music  & Video, Silent Sanctuary maintain their classically-influenced-rock sound with their new single “BUMALIK KA NA SA’KIN” and their previously released single “PAALAM” which could well be anthems for ex-lovers and hopeless romantics.

As a growing band, they experimented in their music by mixing in classical instruments to make a unique sound, “Gusto namin maramdaman ng listeners yung kung ano din ang mga naramdaman namin sa mga kanta.”

Composed of Sarkie Sarangay on vocals and guitars, Chino David on violin, Anjo Inacay on cello, Jason Rondero on bass and Allen Calixto on drums, Silent Sanctuary spices up their signature “classical music meets rock music” sound with the release of their new album called “Monodramatic”.
The group’s previous studio albums, Fuschiang Pag-ibig and Mistaken for Granted, proved to be a success as it both spawned hits, which dominated radio, TV, online and various music charts. For this album, Silent Sanctuary delivers a more flavorful spice without deviating much from the distinct, classic sound which was loved by many, “Marami kaming ginamit na instruments sound, and elements na di pa namin ginagamit sa mga dating album,” explains vocalist Sarkie Sarangay.
“We always want to top our previous work. Yung habang mas tumatagal mas gumaganda yung mga kanta,” adding, “gusto namin lagi masulit ng listeners yung album kaya di pedeng basta-bastang output lang,” shares bassist Jason Rondero. For drummer Allen Calixto, the whole album was a way to be able to evolve and develop their sound rather than sticking with the same traditional formulas for songwriting, “Lumawak pa yung isip ko sa music, kasama dun re-learning yung drums.”

The current hit single “Bumalik Ka Na Sa ‘Kin” gives us a sneak peak of what’s in-store for everyone who’ll get a copy of album. This upbeat pop-rock song with a captivating chorus will surely occupy your mind incessantly and leave you subconsciously humming which gives a perfect balance as the lyrics express an earnest desire to get back together with a significant other. The album also features an interesting collaboration with Ashley Gosiengfiao of Midnight Meetings entitled “Meron Nang Iba”.
Violinist Chino David has pointed out that they’ve worked extensively on the songwriting and production to deliver a worthwhile listening experience to their fans, “Iba yung treatment namin sa album nato. Maraming dinaanang revisions at pagpili sa material.” With strong melodic hooks as well as harmonic surprises, listeners will surely be glued to their speakers. “Yung vision, mag-enjoy yung mga listeners tulad ng pagka-enjoy namin habang ginagawa yung album,” shares cellist Anjo Inacay. 

‘Monodramatic’ pushes the boundaries of what Silent Sanctuary has done previously and will surely transcend emotions of love, loss and everything in between.


1. Bumalik Ka Na Sa’kin 
2. Meron Nang Iba
3. Abot Langit
4. Sama-Sama
5. Masanay Ka Muna
6. Sa’yo
7. Sa’yo (Orchestral Version) *Bonus Track
8. Meron Nang Iba *Bonus Track

Silent Sanctuary’s album “MONODRAMATIC” is now available in music stores nationwide.   Also available for download on iTunes at and at

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More photos at as Silent Sanctuary successfully launches their newest album, "Monodramatic", at Trinoma last August 9, 2013.

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