September 22, 2013

Pampering myself with SPICE !

Enjoy your wonderful world!

I'm living my life to the fullest! Everyone needs even little more pampering in our lives. Everyone likes to feel fresh and relax, to look good, attractive, and looking even more younger. And how? There are secrets of happiness I love doing in my life :

Spices are the secret to life’s simple joys, to children’s big smiles, and to a blissful romance.

We love going into salons when we want to relax,  get massage - for body,  feet, hands, scalp massage, and other benefits as well. These pampering ourself is so cool and helpful, such as stimulating blood flow and improving our hair health.
Pampering and indulging oneself in beauty and wellness is also no longer for the sake of being vain but truly embracing one’s beauty by enhancing it and taking care of it.
When I was invited to an opening of SPICE Body Spa & Hair Salon, I said Yes! I want to pamper myself and to add spice to my life, to live a more fruitful and fulfilling life!
SPICE Body Spa & Hair Salon last September 18, 2013, opened with blessing and ribbon cutting ceremonies.

SPICE Body Spa & Hair Salon gave me Hair Keratin treatment, hair cut, and hair color with gloss treatment! It repairs my hair in a way that makes it healthier and more attractive, and will make the color last longer. I feel so fresh, so good and pampered! I also like my hair that I had definitely benefit from some extra nourishment and care.
SPICE Body Spa & Hair Salon offers Keratin Treatment, Keratheraphy, Hair Cut, Hair Color, Gloss Treatment, Color Lock and Smooth, Permanent Blowdry, Extenso, Bodyscrub, Foot Spa and others.

SPICE Body Spa & Hair Salon from Goldenorange and Spice Inc. shared to us about spice! Everybody needs some spice in their lives. Everybody knows the wonders and magic that spices can do to make dishes more palatable, to make drink concoctions more refreshing; and to make life worth living. Spices are the secret to life’s simple joys; to children’s big smiles; and to a blissful romance.

Goldenorange and Spice Inc. came into being when five distinct and creative individuals merged to form the corporation. These five persons of different interest, yet with a common background in people, business and spa and salon management collaborated to put up SPICE – Body Spa & Hair Salon.

These five distinct individuals contribute their skills and talent in the overall operation of the corporation. Each in his own way manages specific aspects of the SPICE Body Spa & Hair Salon. Each with has own background in the General Operations, the Finance, the Human Resources Management, and the Customer Relations --- Together, they run the whole gamut of spa and salon management.

Goldenorange and Spice Inc. aims to provide the needs of its customers to address the aspect of their lives that need pampering and thus restore their general sense of well-being. Goldenorange and Spice Inc. Knows that Special care are needed to the People’s Individual needs to a Complete and Enervating body and hair concerns. Thus Goldenorange and Spice Inc. aim to provide a complete and personalized service to its customers.
Goldenorange and Spice Inc. aspire to be a reliable and progressive institution in body and hair care. It is a company that serves to address basic body, skin, and hair care in an environment that fosters good health excellence and beauty.

Like the Spices that flavour our dishes and drinks and our lives, Goldenorange and Spice Inc. will be the spice in our lives as it exists as a premiere centre of body and hair care management. It’ll offer different well-thought of services from body massage, skin care management, hair styles and care. Because we understands that to feel good, one must really feel good about one’s self before we can transmit this goodness to other people, to our work, our family, our dreams.

Thanks SPICE Body Spa & Hair Salon for giving me special way of pampering my body and hair with SPICES! 

Here are some photos during my visit to SPICE Body Spa & Hair Salon:

Visit and experience spicy pampering at Spice Body Spa and Hair Salon located at M3 Mezzanine Floor FSS Bldg. 11  #18 Scout Tuason corner Scout Castor Barangay Laging Handa in Quezon City.

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