September 6, 2013

Richard Poon’s Legends turns gold

Richard Poon’s "Legends" which includes the hits Truly,  Evergreen and Crazy, continues to top music sales charts since it was released four months ago and now it turns Gold! 

Richard Poon’s first album under Universal Records Legends was recently awarded a Gold Record Award for its outstanding sales.
With Richard during the awarding is Universal Records General Manager Kathleen Dy-Go.

In Legends, Richard traces his pop roots by singing some of the biggest pop artists in the international music industry - classics by Lionel Richie (Truly), Whitney Houston (All At Once), Barbra Streisand (Evergreen), Madonna (Borderline), Barry Manilow (Ready To Take A Chance Again), Kenny Rogers (Crazy), among others.

Richard also collaborates with friend Christian Bautista in the Michael Jackson hit The Girl Is Mine, which is included in the album.

"Legends" Tracklist:

1. All At Once (originally popularized by Whitney Houston)

2. All In Love Is Fair (originally popularized by Stevie Wonder)

3. And I Love Her (originally popularized by The Beatles)

4. Crazy (originally popularized by Kenny Rogers)

5. Truly (originally popularized by Lionel Richie)

6. Evergreen (originally popularized by Barbra Streisand)

7. Borderline (originally popularized by Madonna)

8. A Song For You (originally popularized by Elton John)

9. Can't Help Falling In Love (originally popularized by Elvis Presley)

10. The Girl Is Mine (originally popularized by Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney)

11. If I Keep My Heart Out Of Sight (originally popularized by James Taylor)

12. Ready To Take A Chance Again (originally popularized by Barry Manilow)

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