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Check This Out
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September 15, 2013

Speak And Grow Rich With Chinkee Tan

This is one powerful learning event - Public speaking as a vehicle to success. A wholeday workshop will be done by Mr. Chink Positive himself, Mr Chinkee Tan
Here’s what he has to say about this workshop:
Simply put, I want to help YOU turn your self-image around, overcome your fear of speaking in public, and become a very effective (read: highly paid!) public speaker. 
Here’s what you can learn at the seminar:
  • How to improve your self-image
  • Overcome your fear of public speaking
  • Secrets on how to become an effective and highly paid speaker
  • How to develop a compelling presence on stage
  • How to capture your audience’s undivided attention
  • How to create a powerful and effective presentation
  • Proven and simple techniques on how to “Wow!” your audiences
  • How to improve professional and personal communication
  • How to increase your impact as a leader
  • How to have fun, relax, and enjoy public speaking

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