October 27, 2013

KALESA e-Carts roll out to a "New Philippines"

A kalesa or calesa (sometimes called a caritela/karitela) is a horse drawn carriage, and one of the modes of transportation introduced in the Philippines in the 18th century. 

They are rarely used in the streets nowadays except in tourist spots and some rural areas. Kalesa or calesa was once a symbol of nobility and prestige in Philippine history.

Kalesa Kinulayan Philippines Peoples Organization, Inc.

Here's a new form of Kalesa - Kalesa Kinulayan Philippines Peoples Organization, Inc. or KALESA changes the whole concept of the vehicle to be a symbol of innovation, commerce and more importantly, HOPE for Filipino people.

For decades, one of the major social problems in the country - poverty.

Recent research shows that more than one quarter of the Philippine population or 27.9 percent are below the poverty line. According to the National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB), that a family of five has to earn at least Php 5,458 per month, just enough to put food on the table.

Two main factors that cause poverty in the Philippines are rapid growth of population and unemployment.

The second cause is one problem that a social enterprise organization is now addressing to contribute in solving.

In line with its campaign #MyNewPhilippines, the Kalesa Kinulayan Philippines Peoples’ Organization, Inc. or KALESA conceptualized a system and technology that aims to uplift the plight of millions of poor Filipinos and also encourage other working and financially-able Pinoys to be enterprising. Recent research shows that more than one quarter of the Philippine population or 27.9 percent are below the poverty line.

KALESA S.E.L.P. is a social entrepreneurship program geared towards providing sustainable livelihood for Filipinos. KALESA is an organic body of individuals driven by passion, always moving towards the fulfillment of its goals. KALESA believes that in order for the country to progress, the Philippines needs to generate more opportunities on its own, create businesses and jobs for many. One way of doing it is through the KALESA.

KALESA is into the distribution, retail and marketing of goods through its organized mobile channels. The organization is best described by its revolutionary mobile stores called the KALESA e-Carts.


The KALESA e-Cart is an all-friendly roving store. 

It is environment-friendly for its battery-operated technology. It runs up to 60 kilometers per battery charge. It can adequately cover enough area for an eight to 12 hour shift of merchandising.

The KALESA e-Cart’s highly-customizable body is also business-friendly since it can be designed for a specific advertisement of a brand and company. The relatively lightweight sturdy cart, can accommodate up to 600 kg of goods.

It is consumer-friendly, since KALESA e-Carts are mobile, it can go to almost any place within the range of its district or baranggay distribution. Plus, prices of the carried are at the most affordable rate, making way for retailing and wholesaling capability of the KALESA distribution in every area.


KALESA organization is eager to set-up distribution centers across the Philippines. With distribution centers set-up in many places in the country, the organization can reach out to many Filipinos and give them opportunity to do business and employment.

Each KALESA distribution center in a baranggay can at least help 50 poor Filipino families.

KALESA coordinates with a local church for a listing of the indigents in the area. KALESA then selects and trains willing and qualified people to sell goods via the electric carts. Each operator is called KALESA Ambassador.

Each KALESA e-Cart is designated to two (2) indigent families. They take turns for a 24-hour shift of the cart. Giving them opportunity to earn. The KALESA Ambassadors earn through profit sharing, thus, making them entrepreneurial.

KALESA distribution centers also employ other people for its clerical, accounting, technical and marketing jobs - paving the way for more opportunities for people who opt to take employment than selling.


KALESA, with its new campaign, #MyNewPhilippines, is out is on its infant stage and needs all the help it can get to fund and to raise more distribution centers across the country and help as many Filipinos as it can.

The organization offers four programs for concern Filipinos to participate in this social enterprise: iGive, iPartner, iCare and iShare.

KALESA is taking baby steps in organizing and setting up. As a social enterprise, it runs on funds for its social service advocates. Concern individuals can also contribute in the works of fabricating more KALESA e-Carts for more indigents to benefit. 

KALESA is now raising 10 million pesos to fabricate additional 100 carts to help at least 200 families. 

Cash donations can be deposited at any BPI branch to Kalesa Kinulayan Philippines Peoples Organization, Inc. with account number: 00-0793-2207-74

iPartner gives opportunities to companies, enterprising individuals, overseas Filiipino workers (OFWs), company or government employees to partner with KALESA organization in different ways. 

Companies can be suppliers of goods to be sold in KALESA distribution chain or as advertisers on the e-Carts, while enterprising individuals can be baranggay or district distributors in different areas. 

KALESA is a way of revolutionizing the local retail and distribution system, and this is a chance for many companies and individuals to take part in doing business for their own while helping indigent people within an area. 

KALESA is offering the distributorship in baranggay and district levels. Investment on KALESA baranggay distribution center is at Php 2.5 million, inclusive of MyHouse Pre-fab warehouse good for 100 sqm., Php 500,000 worth of initial goods and lease of four (4) KALESA e-Carts. 

KALESA distribution centers can be set-up in one month or more, depending on the terms. 

The ideal starting size for a distribution center is 100 sqm. intended for warehouse and a small-sized store. 

Individual KALESA e-Carts can also be leased at Php 175,000 with inclusive initial Php 50,000 worth of merchandise. Though, a KALESA e-Cart has to be within a range close to a local KALESA distribution center for servicing and reloading of goods. 

iCare is a volunteer program of KALESA for people to share their time, skills, knowledge and care to the organization. Willing and able Filipinos are needed by the organization to push the potential of the cause to finish greater tasks. 

In the advent of social media, KALESA believes in the power the influence of every Filipino. Philippines being the social media capital of the world, KALESA hopes that concern individuals can share the pages of KALESA to their friends and relatives, making it highly-visible to the public

iShare encourages Filipinos to like, follow and share the social networking accounts of KALESA on Facebook, Twitter Instagram YouTube and its website at www.KalesaPhilippines.com

KALESA aims to glorify GOD through these endeavors. Indeed, GOD is the reason for all seasons.

The KALESA Advocates believe that CHARITY begins out of a PURE HEART; of a PURE SOUL. And this, shall bring about the CHANGE we all desire for this nation.

For more information about the KALESA organization visit :
or email them at info@KalesaPhilippines.com or
contact them at 0908-433-3373 or 0942-832-2787.

For more updates and info, visit, you can like, follow and share KALESA’s social accounts. 

E-mail: Social@KalesaPhilippines

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