October 12, 2013

Safeguard promotes handwashing through fun activities for kids

Procter & Gamble leads efforts to break the germ transfer chain

Safeguard opens Handventure Land yesterday, October 11 at Eastwood Mall as it continues to raise awareness on the importance of handwashing at 5 critical times: before eating, before handling food, after using the toilet, after touching pets and, most especially, after playtime. Safeguard Handventure Land features different activities and games for children, designed to encourage them to wash their hands after playing.

Maro Torres, Brand Manager for Safeguard, explains, “Outdoor play is an enjoyable activity for children, which simultaneously helps their physical and mental development. Unfortunately, based on a recent study, many mothers prevent their children from playing outdoors because they are worried about their children’s health and safety. Safeguard encourages children to engage in outdoor play, as long as precautions, such as proper handwashing with soap, are observed.”
Handventure Land is part of the celebration of Global Handwashing Day (GHD) on October 15.  Safeguard led the first Philippine celebration of this international day for promoting handwashing in 2008, and turned it into an annual event in line with its commitment to health and hygiene education among Filipino families.
In line with its GHD celebration, Safeguard introduces the new Safeguard Magic Foamer, designed to make handwashing a fun and memorable experience for children.  It is a device that turns Safeguard liquid soap into a form not unlike shaving cream and hair mousse.  “With the Magic Foamer, moms won’t need to beg and plead with their children to wash their hands. The soap itself becomes a source of wonder, making handwashing enjoyable for kids,” shares Maro. 
Seventy-five percent of Filipino children play on the streets, and outdoors even while in school, making the spread of germs a real danger.  A high level of child-to-child interaction leads to greater and faster transfer of germs. According to a breakthrough Germ Transfer Study by Safeguard, “one child can contaminate more than 50% of his class in less than an hour of outdoor activities. When children go out, there is as much as 50% chance of them being contaminated in school.”

The simple act of handwashing with soap is proven to be an effective and affordable way to prevent potentially deadly diseases among children. Safeguard breaks the germ transfer chain, allowing children to have fun during playtime while staying protected from disease-causing germs.

Safeguard invites everyone to join its 6th GHD celebration in Handventure Land in Eastwood. Tell your family and friends about Safeguard Handventure Land and invite them to experience the activities for themselves. It is open from October 11 – 13, 11AM to 9PM. And, most importantly, don’t forget to wash your hands with soap!

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