November 17, 2013

Globe Business Head Martha Sazon: Building partnership with Filipino SMEs

Globe Business – Small and Medium Business Group Head Martha Sazon believes that a true partnership with SMBs means acquiring the same visionary perspective that entrepreneurs have. This, she says, is all-important because the business solutions they offer are meant to help fulfill each SME’s vision for the future.

“Here at Globe Business, what we are really offering SMEs are the tools to make their visions a reality. Every business starts out as a dream, as a vision of what could be. Does the client envision a chain of retail shops? Or is the vision about exporting Filipino delicacies to an  overseas Filipino community?

“What we’re telling SMEs is this: ‘You’ve already envisioned the future. You already saw the possibilities. Now, let us, let Globe Business help you make those possibilities come true—and even help you discover new possibilities to come.’ That is what our partnership with SMEs is all about,” said Martha Sazon, Head of Globe Business. Sazon, whose background includes top sales and marketing positions in multi-national companies before joining Globe Telecom, is in full-throttle when it comes to implementing the goals of Globe Business for SMEs.
Her priority nowadays, she said, is the completion of various upgrades to the existing Globe Business Plans and offers for SMEs.
The present thrust of the upgrades in Globe Business services and products for SME’s is threefold:  a) Customization; b) Cost-effectiveness; and c) Value Added offerings.  
Globe Business plans, like the My Best Ever Globe My Super Plan for Business, all have a suite of features and services that an entrepreneur can mix-and-match to suit his needs. Does he need unlimited mobile Internet to do business?  Is he more reliant on text messaging? Or do his business partners prefer mostly voice communications?
Globe Business plans are also cost-effective. They are available in a range of postpaid and pre-paid plans that fit an entrepreneur’s budget.  “We really go out on a limb to ensure that we keep our plans affordable while still empowering entrepreneurs with maximum features they need,” said Sazon.
Then there’s the Value-Added part of Globe Business thrust for the SME market. Sazon explained that they achieve this by offering booster features and services and by bundling plans with the latest, state-of-the art gadgets.
“Our plan boosters add services and features to an SME’s existing plan. All that’s needed is a minimal top-up fee to their regular monthly fee. These boosters may include unlimited voice calls, texts, or mobile Internet services.  As for the gadgets, we make sure that we offer only the best gadgets that they can use as business tools: state-of-the-art, reliable, multi-functional, and of course, always connected to the wireless communications grid, including mobile Internet. We also make it very easy to get gadgets on an installment basis or at great discounts. We do all of these because we take our commitment to SME’s very seriously. We are their partners and their growth and success is our mission,” she said.
Learn more about Globe Business as a preferred solutions provider for SMEs. Consult a Globe Business Account Manager; visit a Globe Store near you, log-on to or call (02) 730-1010.
About Globe Business – SG

The Small and Medium Business Group of Globe (SG) is the primary enabler of small and medium business enterprises, delivering solutions that create competitive advantage. Backed by strong leadership and a world-class network, it empowers small and medium businesses every step of the way, through solutions that are anticipated and delivered the way they want them.

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