November 3, 2013

Crizal Transitions Cinemajam: Outdoor Movies and Music Festival and more in a new light

The first ever outdoor movie marathon and music festival in the Philippines will be on November 30, 2013 to be held at Event Circuit Makati.

Crizal Transitions and World Vision underscore their vision for a better world with “Crizal Transitions Cinemajam,” a day-to-night movie marathon and music festival to be held November 30, 2013 at Event Circuit Makati. Crizal Transitions Cinemajam promises an enlightening and entertaining festival of fun and togetherness with special back-to-back film screenings, performances by some of the country’s top rock and indie pop acts and a host of thrilling activities such as karting, bungee-jumping and kite-flying.
Crizal Transitions smart lenses adjust to changing light and provide the wearer optimal vision. Its message of “seeing life in a better light,” is emphasized in the event, which celebrates the illuminating power of the arts.

Crizal Transitions Cinemajam brings together some of the country’s top bands, two special movies, and a host of exciting activities. Crizal Transitions Cinemajam sees the arts and celebration in a different and changing light, as it ushers guests through the unique experience of shifting perspectives—a fun afternoon fair segueing into a sunset music festival, capped with an evening movie marathon and after-party concert.

Crizal Transitions, the world’s leading Photochromic lens capable of adjusting to any lighting condition, shines a bright light on the metropolitan cultural scene, as it hosts Crizal Transitions Cinemajam.
Crizal Transitions presents Cinemajam with outdoor movies, music and more for a cause. The great fun event will benefit the children of the World Vision Foundation.

I remember one quote from the movie The Last Song,  "Life was much like a song. In the beginning there is mystery, in the end there is confirmation, but it's in the middle where all the emotion resides to make the whole thing worthwhile.” I love movies and I love music . As I am a true music lover, not limit myself to certain types of music - whats old and new, what's popular, the best from each genre and more. 

There will be two movies, “Love, Actually,” and “Limitless,” highlight Crizal Transitions’ message of “Seeing life in a bright light,” offering viewers different, enlightening takes on loving and living. The romantic comedy “Love, Actually,” is a feel-good movie on the delirious joys and bittersweet sorrows of love. “Limitless,” meanwhile, is an action thriller on the extremes a man will push himself in pursuit of perfection. Bradley Cooper plays a writer who takes an experimental drug that allows him to fully use his intellectual faculties.

Well known bands and great celebrities Bamboo, Itchyworms, Callalily, Moonstar 88 and GraceNote, create a sunset symphony of sound and sensibility as they render their special brand of rock and indie pop.

Moonstar 88

A windfall of exciting activities gratifies the senses. A free vision screening in the Optical Village section will check guests’ eyesight.

Thrill-seekers can choose among karting, bungee jumping, skating and kite-flying for their kicks. Games and raffle prizes await lucky guests.

Tickets are available from Ticketworld at Php 1,350. Proceeds of the event will benefit the children of the World Vision Foundation. Get two (2) free tickets with every pair of Crizal Transitions.

Crizal Transitions lenses are available in all optical centers in the country.

It starts with a clear vision. Crizal Transitions, the world’s leading Photochromic lens and World Vision, the global charity helping underprivileged children achieve a brighter future through education, have the same goal – to make the world a better place.

Crizal Transitions lenses combine leading technologies to provide the superior clarity of vision that optimizes physical mobility and skills, allowing an individual to perform at his best every day. Likewise, through its highly laudable educational and healthcare programs, World Vision provides every needy child the skills and physical security he needs to grow up to be a self-fulfilled and productive member of society.

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