January 24, 2014

Is health a part of your New Year’s resolution? Find a healthy lifestyle!

Medical checkups address one of the New Year’s toughest challenges—maintaining your health.

After a well-earned holiday vacation filled with feasts and merrymaking, the New Year gives Filipinos the perfect opportunity to plan and reassess their health for the next 365 days. And it starts with a simple medical checkup.

“Yearly medical checkups are vital in ensuring your health and well-being,” says Sarah Gatpolintan, Wellness Center Supervisor of Cardinal Santos Medical Center (CSMC). “Even though everything appears to be normal, you cannot take risks when it comes to your health. The only way to validate your wellness is to visit a doctor.”

Heart problems are particularly relevant for Filipinos, who typically find it difficult to resist the allure of oily and fatty foods—especially during the long Christmas break. The National Statistics Office says five of 10 deaths in the Philippines are related to cardiovascular complications, making their early detection and prevention all the more necessary.

CSMC conducts checkups for around 60-80 patients every month, and most of them have made these medical consultations a regular part of their yearly health regimens. According to Gatpolintan, these visits are comprised of comprehensive head-to-toe checkups, including blood work, urinalysis, and lipid profiling.

The wellness expert adds: “Checkups easily detect the onset of lifestyle-related diseases, like hypertension and other heart-related illnesses. For such cases, early detection can be the difference between preventing the condition and living with it for the rest of your life.”

Early detection and prevention are just some of the many benefits that regular checkups offer. Essentially, the results of a medical examination become the basis for a person’s health plans for the next year.

Find a healthy lifestyle

After the results of a checkup are finalized, a doctor evaluates them and imparts befitting lifestyle advice to the patient. For most adults, maintaining a clean bill of health can be achieved by a simple combination of regular exercise and well-balanced dieting.

“A thirty-minute walk three times a week can keep you in functional physical shape, while adding some color to your plate (fruits and vegetables) is a small adjustment that can make a big difference in living a healthier lifestyle,” explains Gatpolintan. “Of course, it is always best to consult doctors and specialists to discover specific workout programs and diet plans tailor-made for your body’s needs.”

Build a relationship with your doctor

Checkups also give patients an opportunity to build rapport with their doctors. Established relationships influence a person’s willingness to visit a physician or get a checkup regularly, and they also let doctors guide the progression of the patient’s long-term health.

“Trust is essential in building a patient’s confidence to visit a doctor,” says Gatpolintan. “Once trust is established, even the most fearful and apprehensive patients become more comfortable with the process and they begin consistently scheduling appointments on their own.”

Design a blueprint for your health

Typically, personal resolutions for the next 12 months focus on working harder or traveling more; but ensuring one’s health and well-being is a prerequisite to fulfilling these aspirations.

“Certifying your health for the next year is a worthwhile investment and it only takes a few hours,” says Gatpolintan. “Learning about your health today lets you know the medical risks you might face tomorrow—and this goes a long way in securing your health and wellness.”

About Cardinal Santos Medical Center

CSMC is a leading hospital in the Philippines, and is most known for its expertise in Neurosurgery, Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery, Comprehensive Cancer Care, Minimally Invasive Surgery, as well as Rehabilitation Medicine.

Instituted in 1974, CSMC prides itself in delivering excellent, personalized healthcare to its patients. Throughout its decades of service, the hospital has been characterized by passion, commitment, and professionalism, which are directed towards providing the best experience for its patients and guests. At CSMC, the organizational framework is built on trust, leadership, loyalty, and teamwork.

The 235-bed tertiary hospital is also a proven training facility for aspiring doctors and healthcare practitioners in the country.

Cardinal Santos Medical Center is managed by Colinas Verdes Hospital Managers Corporation (CVHMC) under Metro Pacific Investments Corporation (MPIC), its sister companies include Smart Communications, PLDT, Meralco, Maynilad Water Services, Manila North Tollway, and ABC/TV5 Network.

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