February 19, 2014

“Maalaala Mo Kaya” (MMK) pocketbooks available in bookstores and newsstands

It’s time to flip through the pages of the “Maalaala Mo Kaya” (MMK) pocketbooks once again, as ABS-CBN Publishing, Inc. brings back stories for Filipinos to stay tuned for; stories that are set to not only thrill, but to serve as reflections for real people with real tales to tell—of love, family, career, or country.

Two stories will be hitting bookstores and newsstands to kick things off—“Popcorn” and “Fishball” by favorite “komiks” writer and editor KC Cordero.
“Popcorn” details different kinds of love—the love of a boy named Earl for a girl named Maya who has overcome obstacles, the love of Maya as a daughter for her mother Aling Clara, and the love of a mother that asks for nothing except the well-being of her children.
On the other hand, “Fishball” goes into how “puppy love” plays out—between two innocent young ones who are faced with the obstacle of living in two different worlds.

Apart from the romance, “Fishball” also contains life lessons such as respect for one’s family, the importance of making the right decisions, and the necessity of keeping an open mind. Bear witness to the story of Ian, a fishball vendor named Imee, and her older sister Leslie as it unfolds at the turn of each page.

These two inspiring MMK pocketbooks today are available at National Bookstore, 7-11, and BookSale stores and outlets nationwide. Grab copies now and enjoy!

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