February 6, 2014

Salt and Light Ventures forges partnership with Breakthrough Leadership Management Consultancy, Inc.

Operations to be revitalized as the newest member of the United Neon Group of Companies

At the start of 2014, Breakthrough Leadership Management Consultancy, an affiliate of the United Neon Group of Companies, assumed leadership of Salt and Light Ventures, Inc. The partnership, which was finalized towards the end of the 2013, was done to reinvigorate Salt and Light Ventures and ensure its sustainability as the pioneer and premier learning events organizer in the country. 

Apart from retaining its service offerings, which includes branded learning events; the Asian Center for Trainers and Speakers (ACTS); and trainings and seminars, Salt and Light Ventures will also be embracing the Breakthrough Leadership framework and programs. Breakthrough Leadership is an integrated, holistic framework for leaders and managers to approach their roles and relationships, prioritize their actions, and deliver stronger and more effective results. The program will allow organizations to reach dispersed leaders across the organization, connecting them throughout a learning journey.

Salt and Light Ventures, as a Division of Breakthrough Leadership joins the United Neon Group of Companies, the pioneer in Outdoor Advertising in the Philippines. United Neon is known for its innovative and customer-centric approach with an intentional focus on corporate social responsibility. “Being in the industry for 75 years, United Neon will contribute to Salt and Light Ventures’ approach to creativity and marketing,” said Boris Joaquin, President and Chief Equipping Officer of Breakthrough Leadership Management Consultancy, Inc.

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