Anton del Rosario: A modern Filipino gentleman chooses McJim Classic Leather

Anton del Rosario is an American born Filipino footballer who plays as a right back or centre back for Kaya and the Philippines national team.

Anton is one of the few prominent athletes that get consulted by reporters for his sense of style: he's already posed for fashion shoots and has been asked interviews about grooming, men's fashion, and even what ideal outfit a young lady on a date should wear. Perhaps this is not so surprising when you see how confident and comfortable Anton is in his own skin-and in whatever outfit he wears.

Whether it's his official football jersey-he plays for Kaya and the Philippine national team, the Azkals-or a simple shirt and jeans, or a tux for a photo shoot, Anton always has a commanding and gentlemanly presence.
 Anton del Rosario and Chris Cahilig during the mini press conference held at  Lola Cafe Sct. Lozano Quezon City, March 26, 2014.
"McJim Classic Leather is always at the forefront of promoting a more gentlemanly culture among Filipino men. We want to bring what used to be considered old-fashion values and men's styling, into modern day Philippines. These values and this style-sense are classic-but we need to present them to a modern-day audience. This way, we can help foster the Modern Day Filipino Gentleman. For us, Anton del Rosario personifies this ideal. This is why we invited him to be our latest endorser," said the management of McJIM Classic Leather.

According to the management, del Rosario exemplifies the values that McJim Classic Leather espouses for modern day Filipino gentleman.

"It goes beyond looking good in an outfit. Style is part of it, because we believe that a gentleman is always dressed properly and sensibly, with equal consideration for form, function, and aesthetics. Beyond that, we believe a Filipino gentleman is confident and accomplished is his or her chosen field. As one of the leading football players in the country, Anton displays top-level skills, athleticism, and sportsmanship that have been tested in international competitions. In his dealings with others, whether fellow athletes or the people he meets socially, Anton is always polite, articulate, respectful, considerate, smart, and ready to do the right thing in the right situation. We are proud to have him associated with our brand and our values."

McJim added that choosing a world-class athlete like del Rosario as spokesman is just right for McJim Classic Leather because the company is focused on creating international-quality original products that can stand tall beside foreign brands. McJim considers this its mission and its legacy.

“Anton projects absolute confidence in being Filipino in being as good as anybody else around the world. All of us Filipinos should take this as an inspiration to love ourselves, to be confident, to be as original as what other globally-acclaimed Filipinos and Filipino brands have achieved; to believe in ourselves and to do our best to be world-class in fields like music, the arts, sports, and fashion,” said the management.

As the new McJim Classic Leather endorser, Anton del Rosario has the opportunity to be a role model for the Modern Filipino Gentleman, and he said that he's honored to be entrusted with the task.

"It so happens that McJim Classic Leather and I share the same perspective and values when it comes to how a gentleman should dress, think, and behave. It's the way I was taught to be as a man when I was growing up. I think that these values need to be recognized and applied today by anybody who wishes to be considered a gentleman. I'll be doing my best to be up to the task," said the management.
McJim Classic Leather creates its leatherwear following the gentlemanly values that have kept it a favorite brand. Like their endorser, McJim Classic Leather products embody a commitment to quality, craftsmanship and skill, style, and the drive to excel.

You can rediscover these classic yet always relevant and modern values whenever you buy your own McJim Classic Leather accessory.

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