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The Allphones Philippines held a big celebration with the opening of the 50th store of Allphones located at the Robinsons Galleria in Ortigas, last Thursday, April 3, 2014.

"The celebration at the 50th store expres gratitude to Allphones customers,” said Maureen Gallant, Marketing Head of Allphones Philippines.

This is a milestone for both the company and the mobile phone retail sector in general. The speed of expansion and the broad reach that the company has achieved is something rare, considering that we are a new entrant in the market.

Filipino mobile phone users deserve a better experience when it comes to buying mobile phones and accessories. Consumers know this and that’s the likely reason why Allphones Philippines, the newest telecoms retail chain in the country, was able to expand to as many as 50 stores across the nation in just a few months. The enthusiastic support of consumers for Allphones stores has allowed the retail chain to achieve quick expansion and growth. It’s all about providing customers a leveled-up mobile phone retail experience in all of the 50 Allphones stores. 

But what makes Allphones such a hit among Filipino consumers?
There are three obvious ones: 
1) Fun and convenience; 
2) Unmatched mobile phone and SIM deals; and
 3) High-tech, futuristic in-store transactions. 

The fun and convenience start the moment a customer walks into an Allphones store. The white space, the sleek, clean lines, the efficient store design—all of these make shopping for a smartphone or accessory very easy on the eyes and on one’s feet as one can walk efficiently through the space. The mobile phones on display are in full-view, and live units are available for customers to sample and play with. 

This hands-on experience is not only fun—because a customer can actually try out a mobile phone’s features—but also very practical; after all, you can only really know if a gadget is right for you if you try it out for yourself. 

Allphones stores also carry the widest range of mobile phone models and brands; there are also accessories and other gadgets. The customer can browse and inquire about all these while being assisted by an Allphones store staffer who is friendly and knowledgeable about the products in stock. Overall, choosing a mobile phone at the store is an exciting and convenient process. 

Allphones stores also offer the sweetest, most value-for-money deals on its mobile phone kits, and postpaid plan accounts. You can get the latest, most advanced mobile phones at huge discounts or even for free depending on the postpaid plan that you choose. These postpaid plans are not only packed with features and services but also very affordable. Features include unlimited voice calls to Globe postpaid and TM mobile numbers, unlimited texting and unlimited mobile Internet depending on what combination of services you wish to get. 

When applying for a postpaid account, you will experience for yourself the high-tech, futuristic process used at all Allphones stores. Instead of asking you to fill out forms or submit photocopies of your documentary requirements, the postpaid transaction at an Allphones store only requires you to enter the relevant customer information on an iPad, and the store personnel will make on the spot digital copy of you requirements. You’re assured that your information is kept private and safe because it’s protected by a military grade security system.

During the April 3rd celebration, event guests and customers experienced the retail experience at the Allphones store in Robinsons Galleria and have the chance to win premium items. They also avail of the best, exclusive deals that the store offers. 

But that’s not all, after the launch, Allphones brings the fun to the hottest summer destinations in the country through its Allphones Fun for All Caravan. Special Allphones events and promos will be held in these areas so that more people, especially those on their summer holiday, can enjoy their vacation even more. 

“Bringing along a mobilie phone or smartphone on holiday is already a must for us Filipinos. These gadgets allow us to communicate and coordinate with companions during our travel. They let us take photos, express our thoughts, feelings, and impressions, and share these with family and friends and even to our social network. It’s all part of making our holidays happier and more meaningful. The Allphones caravan will help make all these possible by making the latest mobile phones and the most affordable, features-rich deals available to holiday-makers,” said Gallant.

The Allphones All for Fun Caravan kicks off in Cebu on April 25 and will proceed to Davao; Puerto Princessa; Subic; Lucena; and Cagayan de Oro. 

Allphones Philippines was created through a partnership between Allphones Australia, TAO Corporation and Globe Telecom.

Allphones Australia began as a single store in Mile End, South Australia in 1989. It eventually expanded to 200 stores nationally and has become the largest independent telecommunications retailer in Australia.

For more information about Allphones and the exclusive,
 amazingly high value-for-money deals it offers, go to www.allphones.com.ph.

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