May 31, 2014

Jasmine Curtis Smith Grand Fan's Day

JasMINE The Series, drama suspense series is the first-ever TV series in the country that goes across digital platforms, boasting its second-screen feature that allows its audience to enjoy content both from their television and mobile screens.

Last Thursday, TV 5 and Vidanes Celebrity Marketing held a Grand Fans Day of Jasmine Curtis Smith and the fans treated with fun games, and advance screening of Jasmine The Series.

The grand fans day event was held at the Shangrila Restaurant, West Avenue, Quezon City, May 29,2014.

JASMINE The Series will premiere this Sunday, June 1 at 9:15 pm.

Jasmine Curtis Smith clinches the lead role in the network's (fictional) flagship series Ur Loved, Jasmine finds adversity from her co-actresses which exposes her to the bitter realities of being famous.

Here are the cast of the romantic drama series with suspense, first-of-its-kind television series, JasMINE

Jasmine Curtis Smith   -  Jasmine , after a slew of critically acclaimed indie movies, actress Jasmine must now make the jump to mainstream media. Can she juggle her dreams of becoming a “serious actress” and the network’s plans of turning her into their next big star?

Matt Padilla  -  Insp. Ramon Ramirez, is a young, idealistic PNPA graduate who grew up in the slums of Manila. He takes his job seriously. Sometimes too seriously.

Alwyn Uytingco  -  Wendell Bautista, a fast-rising showbiz blogger, Wendell gets the scoop before anyone else does. He has befriended many celebrities, including Jasmine and he is growing in popularity in showbiz circles. How far will he go to dig dirt on his supposed friends in showbiz?

Carlo Orosa  -  Steven Yap, the successful, no-nonsense manager of Jasmine who wants to make her the next big star of TV5.

Vin Abrenica  -  Alexis Vergara, primetime prince of TV5, is “charming”, “lovable” and “down to earth”. He has been acting since he was a child and is now used to being in the spotlight.

Gerard Sison  -  Miguel Asuncion, young entrepreneur and next-in-line to the Asuncion political dynasty, Miguel is one of Jasmine’s most persistent suitors. Ever since she broke up with her boyfriend, Miguel has been there for her, caring for her, squeezing his way into her heart. He is perfect “boyfriend material”. But is he too good to be true?

Marvelous Alejo  -  Selina Pascual, a talented actress with extensive work in both the indie and mainstream films. She considers Jasmine to be her arch rival in the network, and is willing to go to extremes to get exactly what she wants.

Justine Peña  -  Carly, Jasmine's feisty, frank, and loyal personal assistant. Always the voice of reason, she serves as Jasmine’s friend, confidant, and conscience. 

Nicole Estrada  -  Sarah Mae,  young, up and coming starlet, Sarah Mae is Selina’s best friend. Sarah Mae is ambitious and talented, but her drive to prove herself to everyone often gets her in trouble.

Cai Cortez  -  Mama Mia,  a successful talent manager and Steven’s rival. She and Steven used to be business partners until they had a falling out. She always wanted to be Jasmine’s manager but Steven beat her to it. She now manages Selina Pascual, Sarah Mae, and many new and established celebrities.

Jelson Bay  -  Insp. Emilio Osorio, as he thinks his partner Inspector Ramon Ramirez takes his job too seriously. 

A stalker named Maskara who becomes the source of a series of unfortunate events to befall on Jasmine.

JasMINE The Series on TV5 with the Ace Saatchi & Saatchi, known for its award-winning advertising campaigns, as in-charge of the program's creative content and Unitel Entertainment, the program's line producer. 

You can follow JasMINE on-air and online, get access to relevant and exclusive content, and engage with the show and their fellow fans.

Here are some photos during the Jasmine Curtis Smith Grand Fan's Day:


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