May 9, 2014

Manila Water Foundation, brings importance of Earth Day to kids

Manila Water Foundation, the corporate social responsibility arm of the Manila Water group for areas within Metro Manila and beyond, engaged youngsters in a day full of exciting activities that expressed the value of taking care of Mother Earth.
“The Foundation’s Earth Day celebration reflects how we would like to implant the importance of being mindful of the environment’s condition and the efforts needed to be taken to improve it at grassroots level,” said Carla BeriƱa-Kim, Executive Director of Manila Water Foundation. “Educating the youth during their developmental years would promote the formation of consciousness and habits that will shape an active public geared at forging a sustainable future,” she adds.

Almost a hundred children aged six and above participated in a story telling teaching the role of water cycle in the environment and in the Amazing Kiddie Race which included stations that stressed the importance of using water wisely such as the Water Relay Station. 

Christine Casabar, parent of one of the participants shares the Foundation’s vision of inculcating the value of protecting the environment in an early age. 

“This stage is very crucial because it is the time that the learnings are readily accepted and embraced,” said Casabar.

According to Roy Gonzaga, parent of one of the participants, his daughter Rayne shared how she gained environmental awareness and enjoyed her first step to taking care of Mother Earth through the seedling planting activity. “As parents, we play a critical role of developing the awareness and responsibility of the future generation towards the environment,” said Gonzaga. “After all, they will be the ones who will inherit our planet and reap or sow depending on our present actions”.

The full day event ended with splashes and laughter as kids jumped and swam in the pool the rest of the afternoon. 

This Earth Day celebration was done in cooperation with Manila Water Company, Museo Pambata, Philippine Book Fairs and Education Inc., and Metropolitan Water Works and Sewerage System.

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