June 6, 2014

One Team One Nation, “Team U” set to shape athletic aspirations of the Filipino youth

“Team U,” the all-new sports documentary and advocacy program, seeks to address—hitting television screens on ABS-CBN Sports+Action and Balls channels with the aim to help these young Filipino athletes realize their dreams through inspirational stories.

One Team One Nation, “Team U” is set to shape athletic aspirations of Filipino Youth starting on June 15 (every Monday) in ABS CBN Sports and action channel 11:30 am hosted by two of the country’s biggest names and biggest sources of inspiration in both the entertainment industry and the field of sports, Piolo Pascual and Gerald Anderson.
With an obvious boom in the Philippines’ sports scene, aspiring young athletes from all over have started to dream even bigger, reaching for higher heights in their respective fields.

It will be a 30-minute show that features stories of young men and women in the field of sports who are on a quest to bring pride and glory to the country through their athletic talents. “Team U” presents the reality that a lot of young Filipino athletes do have that inborn knack for being athletic—but that this is something that oftentimes remains undiscovered and unfulfilled due to a lack of support, access to financial aid, scholarships, proper training gear, and the like.

It is with this that “Team U” also aims to encourage viewers and organizations from both public and private sectors to be part of building a Sports School—an institution that aims to develop athletes through proper training and development under the wing of acclaimed sports practitioners.

This Sports School intends to provide an opportunity for every Filipino child to dream and live out their passion for sports through education.

For its first season, the show will travel to three schools that are being looked at as pilot regional campuses under the Sports School, namely Rizal High School in Pasig City, Abellana National High School in Cebu, and General Santos City High School in General Santos City.

The show is also hosted by other popular names in the world of sports : Gretchen Ho, Armand Del Rosario, Marco Benitez & Coach Eski Ripoll.

Don’t miss out on the premiere episode of “Team U,” hitting screens on June 15 at 11:30am on ABS-CBN Sports + Action and on June 16 at 1:30pm on Balls channel.

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