July 3, 2014

Mikael Daez live the big adventure with #noregrets

Mikael Daez was the first Filipino on the Contiki storytelling journey to Costa Rica. His journey serves as an inspiration to the Filipino youth and engage them to experience life through travel.

Contiki provides young travellers with an opportunity to explore different destinations in the company of other youth from different countries. It is, ultimately, a learning experience to be cherished and revisited long after the trip is over.

Mikael Daez, a successful TV host, advertising model, actor, prime time telenovela staple, news anchor and blogger. He has graced advertisements across different media platforms. Daez started his career as a commercial model in product brands in advertisements. Later on, Daez started opening his career into acting and is currently signed unto the GMA Network in the Philippines. Since the day his promising career in showbiz kicked off, he has won multiple awards. But Mikael is not all glitz and glamour. He is a business school graduate of the Ateneo de Manila University.

Mikael serves as one of the national peace ambassadors of the country. Mikael Daez’ life, to sum it in a few words, is one big adventure.

Mikael has an appetite for adventure. An appetite that would make him a celebrated foodie, but more importantly, a traveler with an epic tale to tell.

He finds exploring the world truly fascinating. He believes traveling expands his perspective and forces him to grow in ways that wouldn’t happen within his comfort zone. He pursues his beliefs with a passion, a passion he eagerly shares with others.

A thirst for adventure. An insatiable hunger for sights and sounds outside vicinity of the comfort zone. And a passion to share the experience. Mikael Daez was exactly the man Contiki was looking for.

Contiki Holidays, a world renowned travel company that infuses the elements of sightseeing, socializing, and adventure as integral to its tour packages, has invited 12 storytellers from around the world to travel to Costa Rica as part of their partnership with the Sea Turtle Conservancy (STC).

Mikael Daez representing the Philippines, as one of the 12 incredible storytellers from around the world on Contiki Cares project with the Sea Turtle Conservancy in beautiful Costa Rica 

Mikael’s epic story of conservation, adventure and travelling with absolutely #noregrets — a mantra we live and breathe at Contiki, his storytelling will definitely has the powerful ability to inspire and share his incredible conservation efforts with his many young travellers and followers!

Much like Contiki travellers, sea turtles are known to journey the world, and have wondrously been doing so for over 100 million years. Due to the impact on our oceans and beaches, however, these incredible creatures are struggling to survive. The Sea Turtle Conservancy (STC) performs research that has been instrumental in saving sea turtles from extinction throughout Central America and the Caribbean.

Along with 11 other inspiring storytellers, Mikael Daez traveled halfway across the globe. To the shores of Costa Rica. With absolutely #noregrets. And made it count.

Photos: Mikael Daez

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