August 18, 2014

10th Global Pinoy Bazaar on August 22-24

Global Pinoy Bazaar, Championing Filipino Entrepreneurialism since 2007

As the Global Pinoy Bazaar moves to the World Trade Center for its tenth installment, Yabang Pinoy proves the quality of Filipino brands threefold.

Global Pinoy Bazaar is Yabang Pinoy's proof that Filipino brands can compete with other foreign brands. It is an annual fund-raising event created to provide a venue for Filipino entrepreneurs to showcase their proudly Filipino products, brands, and concepts to the public. 

Since 2007, it has become a breeding ground for Filipino startups to meet other entrepreneurs, artists, designers, musicians, and creative minds for them to meet, be discovered, and collaborate with each other.

For eight years running, the Global Pinoy Bazaar has been successfully championing the excellence of proudly Filipino brands, proving that we can compete with big international labels. The flagship project of Yabang Pinoy has built a community where business owners focus on craftsmanship and consumers expect loyalty.

In the 10th Global Pinoy Bazaar on 22-24 August 2014, Yabang Pinoy moves to the World Trade Center, a venue three times larger, to showcase the breadth of Filipino entrepreneurialism. The lineup features almost two hundred local brands and business concepts, from loyal merchants to budding startups, in art, design, music, travel, technology, home, fashion, and food and beverage.

“A Filipino entrepreneur is someone who believes that Filipinos have the ability to exceed or at least be at par with established international brands in terms of product quality, process efficiencies, marketing, and branding,” says Mark Carrillo of men’s lifestyle brand Fledge Clothing. The new entrant to the bazaar is equally as committed to product quality. “People are always surprised when they learn that our products are locally made. We are joining Global Pinoy Bazaar to support the local industry, and show the quality of local independent brands,” says Mark.

This conviction is not lost in Martha Rodriguez of Vesti Clothing, which has been joining the bazaar since the brand was founded four years ago.” I started Vesti in October 2010 to showcase the beauty of hand-woven indigenous fabrics from Mindanao. I joined Global Pinoy Bazaar in November the same year because I felt that it was the perfect venue where people appreciate local art, culture, and heritage.”

There will be various activities during the three days of bazaar, from talks by crowdfunding platform Spark Project and app developer JoomaJam, to workshops by crafts studio Craft Manila, and a jamming session by dance school Samba School Imperatriz Filipinense, among others.

The Global Pinoy Bazaar also coincides with Buwan ng Wika and with the “Made in the Philippines Products Week,” as declared by Presidential Proclamation No. 76.

By showcasing globally competitive Filipino brands, Yabang Pinoy strives to support and empower local micro, small, and medium enterprises, and develop the community of globally competitive Filipino brands.

Enjoy the 10th Global Pinoy Bazaar on August 22 - 2014, from 11am to 9pm at the World Trade Center. 

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