August 17, 2014

Cheers ! Reunions with Rossi Sweet Red

Living life to the fullest is what we are enjoying and making the best of everything. Socializing, celebrations during holidays, vacations, parties, occasions, even just small get-together or bondings or hanging up with friends, reunions with colleagues, long lost friends and relatives.

These parties, reunions and bondings are best time of life with thunderous laughter, sweet tears of joy, an endless weave of stories, telling where you’ve been and what you’ve accomplished and reconnecting over shared stories, creating new memories with long-lost friends, sharing your passion . . . and the passage of time become irrelevant as though the earth has temporarily stopped from its tedious orbit around the sun.

These are the glorious moments when friends and family suddenly find each other, whether planned or by surprise, in one table sharing precious moments. Reunions, the best, in other words, are priceless.

Bestselling author Jerry Spinellie described it better when he wrote in his book Love, Stargirl: “May our reunion be not a finding but a sweet collision of destinies.”

In many gatherings, wine-drinking has become part of many Filipino festivities and has become evident in Philippine lifestyle. While it has become a common sight, one may note that a hurdle to wine drinking among Filipinos is the preference for sweetness.

And these moments can be made even more special with delectable food and a flavorful wine that would satisfy everyone’s sweet palate, like Rossi Sweet Red, another masterpiece from California winemaker Carlo Rossi, the Number One Table Wine in the world and the Number One Imported Table Wine in the Philippines.

Rossi Sweet Red has layers of vanilla, bright cherry, and wild raspberry flavors. Its light medium body stays with you, no matter how you drink it—chilled or with ice—and goes smoothly well with any food whether fish, meat, cheese, or vegetarian.

Rossi Sweet Red is healthy because there is no sugar or artificial sweetener added to make it sweet. It is crafted from grapes grown in California where the sun nourishes the grapes to perfection, assuring you of wines that are bursting with flavor and aroma.

Reunions between friends or loved ones may be just a short flicker of time that can easily pass. But it can be time well spent and even more meaningful and special with lodes of stories, memories and good food.

Enjoy your wonderful world with friends and love ones. Cheers, smile more, hug a friend and show your love, made extra special with Carlo Rossi Sweet Red. 

Rossi Sweet Red is now available at leading supermarkets and convenience stores for all those gatherings.

For inquiries about Carlo Rossi, you may visit their Facebook page,

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