August 25, 2014

Guitarero Carlos Agassi, Mark Striegl, Ann Mateo and Gloc-9 – The new clothing ambassadors of trusted underwear brand Guitar

Introducing during the recently media launch are entertainment celebrities Carlos Agassi and Gloc-9, with new personalities Mark Striegl and Ann Mateo - the new clothing ambassadors of trusted underwear brand Guitar. 

One of the well known and very best names when it comes to the creation of significant and good quality underwears and or uniforms like sando and tshirts brand is Guitar. Guitar Underwear is the brand that started in the 1960s has been and up to now, a household name.

It became one of the most endearing products still preferred by children and grandchildren of the original customers. It has come a long way from its simple “de hilo” series to its present modern style.

Its name being synonymous with “quality,” Guitar has transcended from a mere undergarment to a necessity. It has now expanded its lines from innerwear shirts to outerwear shirts and sandos and modern basic briefs, panties and boxer shorts.

As Guitar goes to the next level of clothing products, they have tapped celebrities Carlos Agassi, Mark Mugen Streigl, Ann Mateo and Gloc-9 to be the brand’s new ambassadors.

Carlos Agassi, who has made his name in showbiz as an actor, host and rapper, was chosen by Guitar not only because of his physique but the brand sees in him that he strives to be the best in what he does, which is what the company also strives for. 

Mark “Mugen” Martinez Striegl is a half Filipino half American mixed martial arts fighter living in Baguio City. Born and raised in Tokyo, this is where he embraced the sport which now has become his life. His passion for MMA has made Mark a perfect role model for the youth and endorser for Guitar. 

Online singing sensation Ann Mateo has also caught the eye of Guitar because of her beautiful face and wonderful talent. She's been featured recently on Vogue Italia and was the May 2014 cover of MUSE magazine. She's currently one of the hosts of PTV4’s Upload TV every Tuesday 8-9pm. 

Gloc-9, Awit Award winning rapper and composer  was chosen by Guitar because of his being true to the Filipino spirit, which shows in his unique style of music. His fast-flowing vocal style has made him one of the most successful hip-hop artists in the Philippines. He represents Guitar as a genuine Filipino brand, simple yet with international appeal.

Guitar heads with the Brand Ambassadors presented during the media launch held at the Cities Events Place, Quezon City last August 23, 2014. Now celebrating its golden year, Guitar aims to create a distinct lifestyle with the help of their new star ambassadors.

With their new campaign seen around the metro on billboards and advertising channels, Guitar definitely is a brand to provide Filipinos both comfort and style for the next 50 more years.

For more information and updates, visit Guitar WEBSITE:
INSTAGRAM: @guitarunderwear1960 #guitarunderwear

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