September 28, 2014

Manila Doctors launches new Siemens Symbia Intevo xSPECT: The world’s best Gamma Camera with CT Scan

New Siemens Symbia Intevo xSPECT is the world’s best Gamma Camera with CT Scan. Symbia Intevo's faster imaging solutions improve patient comfort and satisfaction. 

Manila Doctors launched and introduced the new Siemens Symbia Intevo xSPECT during the press conference held last September 23, 2014. 
(From left) MDH Nuclear Medicine Department Chair Dr. Antonio Garcia, SVP for Medical Affairs Dr. Dante Morales, Siemens Healthcare Clinical Marketing Advisor Dr. Partha Ghosh and MDH Medical Director Dr. Mario Juco introduces to the member of the press the new Symbia Intevo xSPECT - the first xSPECT system in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia .

Manila Doctors Hospital partners with Siemens in bringing the world’s best xSPECT system to the Philippines and in Southeast Asia - the new Symbia Intevo which provides physicians with the ability to not only image disease, but also to leverage the high resolution to see the unseen for more confident interpretations. Its unique quantitative capabilities provide the ability to monitor and adjust treatments earlier by accurately measuring even small differences. 

To support patient safety and increased efficiency, Symbia Intevo was designed to administer the lowest dose while imaging patients faster than ever.

Symbia Intevo is the world’s best Gamma Camera with CT Scan and the first system of its kind in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia to allow easy, accurate and reproducible quantification, making treatment follow-up possible.

(In this photo MDH Nuclear Medicine Department Chair Dr. Antonio Garcia explains to the patient the machine's unique imaging features.)

Faster and more accurate cardiac imaging 

The increase in demand for faster myocardial perfusion imaging has been one of the key trends in nuclear medicine. With Symbia Intevo, cardiac imaging becomes 75% faster and more comfortable and accurate than ever before. The innovative IQ.SPECT makes cardiac imaging 4 times faster for patient comfort and improved image quality.

Molecular Imaging is now Quantitative

Accurate and reproducible quantification supports physicians’ ability to more confidently interpret clinical images, enabling early modification of treatment and potentially reducing the cost for skeletal such as assessment of bone graft function and retention, hip joint replacement follow-up, assessment of meniscal pathology and grading and follow up of renal osteodystrophy. The scanner may also be used for other applications such as infection, inflammation, lung perfusion, renal cortical mass, liver and autoimmune disease.

Through this latest acquisition, Manila Doctors Hospital in its thrust to provide world-class quality and affordable healthcare to its stakeholders aims improve patient well-being, reduce costs and increase productivity. Symbia Intevo may give physicians the ability to make progress in diagnosing and treating the most challenging diseases, and to make more accurate treatment decisions.

Manila Doctors Hospital
One of the leading centers of health and wellness in the Philippines, MDH is a Metrobank Foundation healthcare affiliate. The Foundation actively supports the Hospital’s operations and provides funds for a wide array of social services—which includes subsidies for in-house charity patients, surgical missions, outreach programs and health-related interventions, projects in adopted communities and schools—and research. MDH is certified as an ISO 9001:2008 institution and recognized as the first private hospital in Asia to be accredited by Accreditation Canada International.

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