September 12, 2014

Rico Blanco, newest endorser of Valda Pastilles, Soothes & Cools

Rico Blanco
Rico Blanco is one of the most talented musicians in the Philippines. As we all know, he is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, actor, and entrepreneur.

And now, the newest endorser of Valda Pastilles, Rico Blanco was presented to a media launch event held this Thursday, September 11, 2014 at Alphonse Bistro in Pasig.

Valda Pastilles, a green, conical-shaped, chewy pastilles, has been known for soothing and cooling throats for more than a century now.

Believe it or not, your throat is as hardworking as you are. It also gets stressed and experiences a lot of wear and tear, especially when your profession requires you to sing or speak every second of every day or night. So as much as you want time to relax your mind and body, your throat should also be given time for some R and R.

Rico is every inch a rock star, oozing with a cool persona. His voice alone holds a refreshing power that can captivate the hearts of every Filipino with just the first note, much like how Valda Pastilles gives instant cooling sensation in every chew. No wonder Rico is the perfect face for the brand.

During the launch event, the new Valda Pastilles TV commercial was revealed, which showcased no less than Rico and the brand’s single that he wrote and composed entitled, “Time For You”.

With the brand and Rico’s collaboration, they have created a fresh song that leaves nothing but cool vibes.

Aileen Domingo Puzon, Aspen Marketing Manager and Rico Blanco
In addition, the feel good song’s full-length music video was also unveiled, which was as soothing as the song alone.

So, now that Valda Pastilles has teamed up with Rico Blanco, there will always be time for you to soothe and cool your throat wherever you are and whenever you feel like it.

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