October 1, 2014

100% of Mayon-affected schools resume classes

Ensuring continued delivery of basic education services to all learners in the province, the Department of Education (DepEd) resumed classes in all 78 schools affected by the declaration of Alert Level 3 for Mt. Mayon, September 30.

DepEd schools continue to implement interventions to address the temporary displacement of classes due to temporary evacuation in 40 schools (as of September 29) functioning as evacuation centers. Interventions include provisions of temporary learning spaces (TLS), merging of classes, and other measures that have been proven effective in addressing education during emergencies. DepEd field offices are finalizing arrangements for procurement and distribution of 15,000 chairs and 300 TLS for the schools serving as evacuation centers.

DepEd has issued a call for donations for additional tents, tarps, chairs, and learner’s kits for the affected learners in Albay. As of September 30, education partners have pledged around 12,000 learner’s kits and 190 TLS to DepEd. The Department will arrange its transport and deployment, if needed.

Furthermore, the Department continues to work closely together with local government officials and education cluster partners in monitoring and supervising both the operation of evacuation centers and the delivery of education services to around 55,000 affected learners in Albay.

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