October 12, 2014


“We need transformation, change for the good.” – Franciso 'Kit' Tatad

Senator Francisco “Kit” Tatad , Corina Carlos and Secretary Norberto Gonzalez

FORMER senator Francisco “Kit” Tatad stress that there’s a need to change the Philippine system of government.

“Are we ready for anything at all, but the real question is do we need it?”

At the recent Fernandina Media Forum at Club Filipino, Wednesday, October 8, 2014, guests were Former Senator Francisco “Kit” Tatad and Former Secretary of National Defense Norberto Gonzales.

Kit Tatad said that the Philippine society is hemorrhaging morally spiritually, politically, economically and socially.

“And the cause of this hemorrhage is that we have a very corrupt system, and we cannot longer say that we have corrupted system, but instead corruption has become the system. And if we care for our life and the future of this nation, we have to change,” the good senator added.

“We have to take out those who are associated with the cause of this hemorrhage, and the government is the cause. Sense of right and wrong is no longer there,” he added.

We really need transformation, a change for the good.

Senator Tatad is a member National Transformation Council, a collective authority with members working in different sectors and a core group of progressive bishops and the laity has been going around the country to seek a consensus on how the Philippines can achieve good governance.

Former National Security Adviser Norberto Gonzalez, also a member of the council on the other hand clarifies that the National Transformation Council, which pushes for Charter change, seeks to reform the government system, not to remove President Benigno Aquino from office.

“The council goes city to city to have a consensus and once there’s a consensus, a decision will be made whether to change the president or the government has to be changed,” he said. 

The NTC, according to Gonzales, was formed not to overthrow or take over the reins of power from incumbent officials and it has no intention of taking over the government but to restore democracy and institute genuine reforms. We want our leaders to be elected also,” he explains.

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