December 7, 2014

Kris Janson is Miss Intercontinental 2014 2nd Runner Up; sweeps special awards

Kris Tiffany Janson brought honor to the country in the 43rd Miss Intercontinental pageant in Magdeburg Germany earlier this morning, December 5, (December 4, 8 PM Germany Time) clutching the 2nd Runner Up title, and special awards, Miss Intercontinental Asia and Oceania and Miss Photogenic.
Miss Intercontinental 2014 2nd Runner Up Kris Tiffany Janson strikes a pose with her special award
(photo courtesy of Missosology)

Kris owned the stage in the swimsuit and evening gown competition and wowed judges in the question and answer portion.

She was asked, “If you would meet a famous person celebrity no matter still alive or dead, who would you like to meet and why?”

To which she answered, “If I were to meet a famous person, I would want to meet Malalai Yousafzai – She’s a kid who fought for her right for education. I may not be able to jump into a bulletin to fight for my right, but I do have a voice. And if if would be lucky enough to bring home the crown, I would have a louder voice and be the voice of the voiceless and use this to help more people and bring happiness and joy to other people. Daankishen. “

In a statement, the Binibining Pilipinas Charities Inc. shared: “We would like to congratulate Ms. Kris Tiffany Janson for clutching the Miss Intercontinental 2014 Second Runner-up title and sweeping 2 special awards, Miss Intercontinental Asia and Oceania and Miss Photogenic in the Miss Intercontinental pageant last December 4 at Maritim Hotel, Magdeburg Germany. The special recognition illustrates worldwide acclaim and appreciation for Filipina beauty, grace and substance, and we are proud of Kris’ accomplishment.

Congratulations Kris, and we eagerly await your arrival!”

Kris will be extending her stay in Germany indefinitely until tropical storm Ruby passes. Despite the distance, she sent a message: “I thank my fellow Filipinos who have shown overwhelming support to me during the competition. I am praying for my kababayans to keep safe during the storm.”

Miss Intercontinental 2014 is Paraporn Wang of Thailand and 1st Runner Up is Jeslie Merugal of Cuba.
Miss Intercontinental 2014 2nd Runner Up Kris Tiffany Janson, Miss Intercontinental 2014 Patraporn Wang of Thailand and Miss Intercontinental 2014 1st Runner Up Jeslie Mergal of Cuba

The title of Miss Intercontinental 2014 Queens were given to the best representatives per continent. Philippines tied with Thailand in Miss Intercontinental Asia and Oceania. Miss Intercontinental Africa was given to South Africa, Miss Intercontinental North America to Miss Cuba, Miss Intercontinental Europe to Miss Portugal, Miss Intercontinental South America to Miss Argentina.

Other special awards include Best Body for Miss South Africa, Best in National Costume for Panama, Best in Evening Gown for Puerto Rico, Miss Congeniality for Miss Canada.

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